City Fighter vs Street Gang: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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City Fighter vs Street Gang is a new iOS and Android beat-em-up with short levels and plenty of boss fights. This game’s style and length are sure to satisfy fans of old-school Final Fight games and clones. You can go through various levels and districts, beating up punks and gangsters, while unlocking new characters and upgrading your current ones.

You can collect oranges as you go, when can then be used to buy all of the upgrades and new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for City Fighter vs Street Gang!

You have a lot of different attacks and moves, as well as combos, and the sheer number of them can be a bit tough to keep track of. Hit the pause button at any time during the game and you’ll see a list of all combos and moves on the pause screen. However, there are quite a few combos that you won’t see on the pause button.

An example is simply hitting the punch button over and over. Do this and your character will keep punching until the enemy is knocked down. Kicking incessantly works as a combo too, but it typically does not work as well as punching, although it does have a bit longer of a range.

Some moves have an excellent knock-down ratio, such as a flying kick. Then when you knock an enemy down, run over to them and hit the punch and kick button. You’ll punch them with either one or two hands, depending on which button, and do a ton of damage.

You also have the special punch that is described as “down forward punch”, but you don’t have to hit down, then forward, like a Hadouken. You only have to hit down and forward at the same time (diagonal down and then forward) and hit punch to use it. The special punch takes a second to charge, but does a ton of damage.

Use weapons whenever they drop, and pick up boxes whenever you see them. Use the “grab” button to pick up boxes, then use the grab button again to throw them. They’re tough to aim, but when you hurl them and hit an enemy, you’ll do a huge amount of damage, making boxes good to use against bosses.

You can upgrade your existing characters, or you can buy all-new characters in the store. Each new character is generally stronger than the last, so if you are going to buy new characters continuously, then save your oranges by not spending them on upgrades. If you like a specific character, though, spend them all on the upgrades.

Play with an internet connection so that each time you beat a level, you are able to watch an ad video so that you can earn more oranges. If you have no internet connection, no ad video will pop up, but no involuntary ads will pop up, either, increasing your speed of play, which can also be a boost to your orange earnings.

Once you beat the first district (City), you’ll be able to see the other districts in the game. The other ones are Town, Military, Samurai, and BigBoss, each of which is tougher than the last, so you are going to need to buy a lot of upgrades and/or very powerful new characters in order to keep going.

You need a specific number of stars to get to the next district, though. So in order to maximize stars, if you finish every level and still don’t have enough, then go to old stages and try them again. With your combination of more upgrades and/or better characters, you’ll far more easily be able to rack up three stars.

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