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City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon is a new city building game for the iOS and Android platforms, the latest in the long-running City Island series. This game lets you build a city from a small village to a huge metropolis, and then let’s you move on to other islands and do the same thing. You can collect cash, gold, and make your citizens happy or sad depending on how you play the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon!

Whenever you start a building upgrade or build an entirely new building, it takes time for the job to finish. Normally you have to either sit and wait for it to be done, or spend gold for it to finish. However, if you go to the date and time settings on your phone, you can set the time ahead by however long the longest job takes to complete, and then when you go back to the game, all of the jobs will complete instantly.

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Free gold is something that is not entirely uncommon in this game, either. Go to the in app purchase store menu and scroll all the way to the end to find the “free” button. Tap that button and you will get an entire list of offers from TapJoy. Take the “Sign into TapJoy” offer and you’ll open up an entirely separate wall with different offers added to it, as well.

Your construction company is one of the most important things that you can upgrade, because the higher its level, the more jobs that you can do at the same time. Initially you can do 16 jobs at once, which seems like a lot, but once you get multiple islands and jobs become more time-consuming, it ends up running out quickly. Each upgrade to the construction company adds another 4 additional jobs to what you can do.

Go to the rewards section of the game, which is inside the icon that looks like a blue ribbon, for an idea on what to do next. It will give you a list of milestones to achieve that can earn you free goodies, such as gold. One offer will always be open which will allow you to watch an ad video for free gold, while the other things will involve tasks that you can actually do within the game itself.

The more people that you have in your town, the more that you will have to do in order to increase their happiness. Make sure to build more community areas, in addition to the usual residential and commercial, and upgrade them as much as you need to. Commercial areas earn you money, while residential areas are where your residents can stay.