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CityVille Coin and Money Cheats

CityVille is the top social city builder of all time, released by Zynga for Facebook, and most of the game revolves around earning coins and money. Read on for tips about coins and money.

Concentrate on building your most lucrative businesses and your best decorations for bonuses. Coffee shops are excellent for making money, so build a ton of them. These will be your big moneymaker until much later in the game when you finally begin to unlock more lucrative businesses, but even when you do unlock better businesses, these are still cheaper to buy and build, and their money making potential is always attractive.

Build each business so that only one square of your business touches the road. Use the entire rest of the empty spaces and fill them with decorations, and you can rack up HUGE coin bonuses this way without having to spend any more on supplies. You can earn anywhere from a 50 percent to a 100 percent coin bonus depending on how many decorations you put into the area.

Better yet – and here’s where the CHEATING comes in – build one single blank area that’s the right size for a business, such as a coffee shop, but don’t put a business there. Surround it with an insane amount of decorations. Any time that a business is ready to be collected from, use the “move” tool to move the business there, and then collect from that business and rack up a huge bonus. Then, move it back, and move another business there and do the same thing. You can do this with ALL of your businesses to rack up massive amounts of coins!

Don’t fill your lower paying business with supplies, because your town’s people will shop at only the businesses that have supplies. Only supply your high paying businesses, and they will run out of supplies faster, thus enabling you to collect from them faster.

Don’t forget to farm enough crops to supply your host of businesses! If you have 10 to 15 coffee shops making you rich, always be ready to supply them with 10-15 or more farm plots loaded with ripe carrots or even corn!

Last, place your businesses in an area that is surrounded by houses. People will walk more quickly to the businesses, shop more quickly, and drain their supplies more quickly, making the money making process even quicker!

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