CityVille by Zynga for Facebook: Guide to getting more Energy

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CityVille is the most popular Facebook game of all time, the game that knocked its own “sibling”, FarmVille, off it’s pedestal. It’s the established king of city building games on Facebook, and it’s simple yet quite challenging. One of the big limiters is energy. How do you gain more? How do you conserve energy? What should you do in order to minimize energy usage and maximize everything else? These tips and trips will help you figure out what to do to get more energy and to conserve the energy you already have.

Having a lot of neighbors is the number one way to always have a lot of energy. The more neighbors you have, the more bonus energy you can get, since each day that you visit one neighbor, you get three energy as a bonus. Avoid using any of your energy in their cities though, so that you can build up maximal energy, but don’t visit your neighbors if your energy bar is full and you have no more room for bonus energy. Also, send them extra energy and they will most likely send you back extra energy. Post bulletins asking for extra energy if you don’t mind them in your feed and your friends’ feeds.

You can find extra neighbors (if you don’t already have a ton of them, since so many people play CityVille that many of your friends surely do) by adding people who comment on the CityVille Facebook page or on the CityVille official forum. Or, if someone posts in the comments on this post requesting to be added, or in the other CityVille guides on this or other sites, add them. You can get a ton of neighbors this way.

When you gain a level you regain all of your energy, so make sure that your energy bar is empty or near empty when you are getting very close to a level-up. Don’t buy any energy refill power ups – simply try to plan ahead so that you use your last energy point on the action that gains you a level. To gain experience quicker, do construction actions on incomplete buildings, and you’ll earn two experience points every time. Other actions will cause you to gain one or two experience points, but construction will gain you 2 every time.

Sometimes you get bonus energy by doing certain actions. One action that takes no energy is clearing out wilted crops, yet you can also earn bonus energy from doing this. Buy the cheapest crop you can, plant a bunch of them, and let them wilt. Then when you run out of energy, clear them out and gain a few bonus energy for doing this. Not every crop you clear will earn you a bonus energy point, but the few you do earn can go a long way. It’s literally a way to get free energy without spending any real life money.

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A big waste of energy is clicking on low-paying houses that are ready in a very short time (5 minutes, 30 minutes etc) when they are ready to have rent collected. Same with your lowest-paying businesses. Collect from your highest paying businesses and houses first and your medium paying business and houses second. Save the low-paying stuff until you want something to waste energy on when you only need a few exp to gain a level.

The same thing applies with farming. Plant only high yielding crops on your farm. Skip the strawberries and other quick-yield crops and plant things such corn and carrots.

That’s all! More tips? Comment on this post!

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