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CivCrafter – TIps, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

CivCrafter is the logical conclusion of the popularity of the whole “Clicker” genre, although this has never been a genre defined by logic. It’s a genre that’s as dead simple as it gets, yet CivCrafter is as complex as a good city-builder or MMO strategy game. You go from building your own little civilization to joining a clan and fighting with other players for resources and land, all backed up by one-touch click gameplay. Read on for some tips and tricks for CivCrafter!

You have three types of gatherers, the farmers for food, the loggers for wood and the miners for gold. However, every single person that you have in your civilization will require food in order to merely exist, so you’ll have to load up on farmers and place more of them than loggers, miners, or any of the specialists. If you go short on farmers, you’ll end up with a negative food gain and will lose villagers due to starvation.

Tap with more than one finger at the same time. A very easy way to gain experience points, as well as resources, is to go to the tapping screen and tap on each of the three resources with one finger, all at the same time, to maximize your speed and efficiency. Always be sure to upgrade your stock buildings so that you have space to put all of your resources.

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You can only have a specific maximum amount of each troop, but keep a number of unemployed people on you for when you go into battle. You will be able to train them in the middle of battle to replace anybody whom you’ve lost, so train them depending on what your requirements are against a specific subset of enemies. Do the same thing whenever you are actively defending your territory when you are online.

Building a wonder can be a massive undertaking. Be sure to commit as many workers to it as possible, while constantly training enough farmers to balance out the extra food that you will need to support the workers. Other attributes will also need to be kept in check, especially piety which will require hiring as many clerics as possible. Of course, you’ll need more temples in order to train more clerics.

Train your workers one at a time, using fast tapping. Don’t do the 10x or the 100x training because they will force you to wait and waste valuable time, which also puts you at risk of not paying attention whenever the training is done. That last risk is particularly dangerous whenever completion of training would risk throwing your into the negatives for food.