Civilization: Rise of Empire – List of Gift Codes, Redeem Codes, and CDKeys and How To Find More Of Them

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Civilization: Rise of Empire is a new MMO strategy game that puts you in charge of building an empire, fighting other players’ empires, and becoming the most powerful player on the server. You can collect food, gold, wood, ore, and the premium currency of the game, gems, while constantly adding to your power.

One way to get free stuff, whether it’s currency or boosts, is by using the Redeem Codes and CDKeys that are often given out for free in the game.

Read on for a list of Redeem Codes and CDKeys and tips on finding more of them in Civilization: Rise of Empire!

To get to the area where you enter the Redeem Codes, first, you have to go to the “More” button on the bottom right corner of the screen from your main city area. Once you tap it, you will see a few options pop up.

These options will be Community, Settings, and Gift Codes. Tap on the Gift Codes button and you’ll be prompted to enter one.

The Community button is just as important because it links you to the sources of all of the gift codes. You have links to the official Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and Reddit pages for the game there.

The Instagram button has literally one post, and that was there before the game was released, so it’s useless. Needless to say, there are no gift codes there, but go ahead and give them a follow anyways just in case they decide to start posting again.

The Subreddit for Civilization doesn’t get much activity, but it DOES get some love from players. So make sure to check here for new Gift Codes, and be sure to even check if the developers decide to throw some in there.

Facebook is one of the best sources for Redeem Codes for Civilization: Rise of Empire. The developers post often here, and every week, they will post a new gift code that lasts for just one week. Once the week is up, the code is expired, but that means they will be adding a new one shortly after.

Discord is another excellent source of gift codes for the game. Go to the Discord and they will give out personalized gift codes to practically everyone for some specific accomplishments.

Look for the admin named Ragnar in there. When you reach levels 4, 7, or 10, DM Ragnar and send him back a screenshot of your profile – or send him your server and in-game name, and he will send you a gift code.

Additionally, they have included a link to a Google Doc containing an email sign up, and if you sign up, the rewards will be sent out when the game launches globally. The URL is here: Sign Up For Global Release of Civilization: Rise of Empire

Keep an eye on Twitter, too; while the developers don’t have an official account, players can often share Gift Codes when they get them or find them. All you need to do is enter game-related hashtags and see what comes up.

Of course, always be on the look out for more Gift Codes to pop up not only in this article, but in the comments of this article, too!

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