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Clash of Clans Guide, Tips, Cheats and Strategies part 2: Attack strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Clash of Clans tips and tricks guide! This segment will focus specifically on attack strategies. Click here to go back to part 1 (the beginning) of the Clash and Clans strategy guide.

There are two types of battles that you can get into. One is a match against another player and their territory. These strategies will work against both types of enemies. To start off with, upgrade the Army Camp to level 2 as quickly as possible, because at level 2, you have 30 housing spots rather than 20 housing spots. For most of the early portion of the game, your best strategy is to send in Barbarians en masse to destroy bases.

When you are attacking another player, they don’t have too many cannons, and if you don’t have bombs yet, neither do they, so simply send your units in closest to resource collection and resource storage buildings, or close to cannons or an archer tower so that they can attack them first.

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When attacking the goblins, they have a LOT more walls. Send them in near the cannons as much as possible, so that they can take them out first. If there is a pathway or an opening in a wall, there WILL be bombs there, so send one unit to set off the bombs, and then send in the rest of your units once the bombs have been set off.

Once you unlock more troops and begin facing harder battles, then the strategy changes a little bit. Send in wall bombers first to destroy the walls. Then, send in either archers or giants (depending on how long you wish to wait for them to train) and have them destroy the defense units, such as cannons and archer towers.

After they do that, then either send in the Goblins so that they can go take the resources, or just revert back to the original strategy and carpetbomb the goblin’s territory or the other player’s territory with Barbarians.

Click here to continue on to part 3 of the Clash of Clans strategy guide (defense strategies).

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