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Clash of Clans – Town Hall 11 Farming Guide and Base Defense Strategies

Clash of Clans’ new Town Hall 11 update just dropped, but even before it did, it’s been freaking players out who fear that the casual player is now getting pushed out of the game. It’s true that the old strategies will no longer work as well, especially the town hall outside of the base. However, it’s not as if there aren’t ways to adapt. In many ways, farming is easier than ever before. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to farm and defend your base in the Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 update!

First of all, if you have just downloaded the update, and for awhile afterward, you will find that a lot of players will have missed the boat and still will be out there with town halls outside of their bases. Town halls now can hold a LOT of loot, so start town-hall sniping other players, especially high-level players who missed the boat, in order to steal their loot very quickly. Snipe at clan castles that have been left exposed, as well.

Similarly, you should put your town hall back inside of your base, and your clan castle if it’s not inside of your base. Guard them as well as anything else that you might try to attack if you were attacking. If you really want to be at lower trophies still, you can leave it out, but you will lose a ton of loot. Basically, swap your war base in as your main base to make it easy to do this.

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The rank bonus for attacking (as far as elixir, dark elixir and gold) has skyrocketed now, but the catch is that it’s paid in a percentage equal to the destruction percentage. So the more of a base you destroy, even if it is useless buildings, the more you will earn as a bonus.

There will still be a ton of abandoned bases, especially if people follow through on their threats to quit the game over the Town Hall 11 update, so attack and hit “next” to find abandoned bases (look for grave stones, blank league labels and loads of trees as the marker of a zombie base). Zombie bases can often provide LOADS of loot, and still in the collectors.

You can send and receive spells to and from your clan castles now, and spells won’t take up any space that otherwise would have been assigned to troops. So put spell requests out there and have your clan send you some in addition to the troops that they send you. Higher level upgrades mean more room for spells.

If you are a high-level player, upgrade to the Level 11 Town Hall, then purchase the two new items that it grants you. One is the Eagle Artillery, the new most powerful defender in the game, and the next is the Grand Warden, the game’s third character. Work them into the defense of your base, and watch attack replays to see where you can best apply them.

Most important (and the reason that it can be so easy to farm with this update) is that attacking no longer automatically makes your shield go away. Now you lose three hours off of your shield. Similarly, losing your town hall no longer makes your shield reappear. Now you have to lose half of your base to get the basic shield, and even then, if your opponent sends in less than half of their army, you still won’t get a shield.