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Clash Royale- Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Clash Royale is the kind-of, sort-of sequel to Clash of Clans that we’ve all been waiting for, but in an entirely different genre. This game is a hybrid between card-battler, MOBA and tower defense game that puts you and your cards against your enemy and their cards, with your goal being to destroy their arena towers and king tower before they destroy your crown towers and king tower. You can load up on all kinds of common, rare and epic cards, earn elixir and gold, and even join up in clans. Read on for some tips and tricks for Clash Royale!

You can only fill your deck with eight cards, so be sure to keep a good balance between building cards, troop cards and spell cards. Always keep an elixir collector card as speeding up elixir production can rapidly throw the battle in your direction. Defensive building cards can defend your towers, while troop cards will, of course, make up your offense. Spell cards are typically one-time use but are very powerful.

Many of the defensive buildings and the troops have purposes that are hinted at by their performance in Clash of Clans. However, there are differences; for example, bombers no longer blow themselves up; instead, they will throw bombs until they are killed. The giant skeleton soaks up damage like the giant does, but when it’s killed, the bomb inside it blows up, doing a massive amount of splash damage. Then there are the new characters, of course, such as Mini PEKKA and the Knights.

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When the battle first begins, the goal will be to destroy the king’s tower, although the crown towers provide advantages when you destroy them as they provide new spawn points for you. However, after two minutes, the speed of elixir production doubles for both parties. After three minutes, sudden death mode begins, and the next person to destroy any one tower is the winner. If nobody destroys a tower after four minutes, then it’s a tie match.

Be sure to open free and crown chests as often as you can unlock them. And if you are going to purchase silver, gold and magical chests, then do so early on before unlocking the higher leveled arenas, as they are cheaper, the earlier into the game that you are.

Join a clan as soon as you can, and start donating troops to your fellow clan members. You can unlock clans when you hit king’s level 3, and can donate up to sixty cards a day, two cards per donation request. When you request a donation for yourself you can get up to ten cards. Donate a common card to get 1 EXP and 5 gold, and donate a rare card to get 5 EXP and 50 gold.