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Clumsy Climber: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Clumsy Climber is Ketchapp’s newest quick-fire game for the iOS and Android platforms. In the case of this game, you have to climb one rung at a time up ladders and moving platforms, while dealing with your climber’s propensity to swing around wildly, and with the rising water level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Clumsy Climber!

Your goal is to make it up the rungs as fast as possible, but there are ways to speed up your climb, as well. Hit a green rung whenever you see it – if you grab onto a green rung, you’ll rocket upwards into the air and move onto higher ground, which will buy you a bit more time to make it to the top. If you make it to the top and catch the airship’s landing gear, you’ll win the level.

Try to catch the next run while you still have upward momentum, rather than downward momentum. If you catch it on the upswing, your speed will stay steadily high and you’ll beat out the rising tide. If you catch it right at the beginning of the downswing, then it still won’t have too big of a negative effect, but if you swing down too far, you’ll lose a lot of ground and end up in more of a rush.

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Coins are the currency of the game, and while they can be collected within the stages themselves, there are much faster ways to earn them. After every level, as long as you have an internet connection, you can watch an ad in order to earn 50 coins. Free prizes will pop up on a timed basis with around 100-125 coins apiece. Hit the shop and you can watch unlimited videos for 50 coins each.

Once you have 250 coins, you will be able to unlock a new head or body. The unlocks are random and the more of them that you unlock, the higher your chances will be of spinning a duplicate. Each different body and head performs the same, they just change the style of your character.

If you tap on the screen and your character’s hand is not hovering over a platform, then your character will let go of said platform and begin falling straight down. While normally you don’t want this, there are times when you should strategically let go of the platform and fall. Let go if you’re swinging around too far and losing your grip, and let go if you need to switch your grip hand in order to make it up to the next platform.