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Clumsy Knight vs Skeletons – Tips, Tricks, Hints and Strategy Guide

Clumsy Knight vs Skeletons is a new side-scrolling RPG for the iOS and Android platform. It’s potentially one of a kind in that the game itself is free, yet there are no in-app purchases in the game, or any sort of currency system. All that there is is a little banner ad. You control a weird-looking knight whose goal is to battle through endless waves of skeleton knights, all while collecting and mixing various weapons, armor and other accessories together. Read on for some tips and tricks for Clumsy Knight vs Skeletons!

The battles happen automatically, and there is no way to change that. All that you do is control what your knight equips before and after every battle. After each battle you will earn three items, which is usually mostly potions and elemental mixers, but new equipment occasionally pops up too. Go back and grind old battles if you are stuck on a battle without good equipment, and you need to find more.

There are a lot of mixes that you can make out of various objects, but aside from the sexy ones (turning a sword into a frozen or fire sword, for example), lots of small mixes can be done that change the course of the game. For example, take your sword and merge an attack potion into it to increase its attack power, or mix a defense (or luck or health) potion into it to add that statistic to it, too. This works for swords, rings, and shields.

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Three of the main four stats are easily quantifiable, with luck being less so, but luck is qualifiable by the amount of blocks and critical hits you end up with. The higher your luck, the more of both you will be able to have. Use two fully upgraded luck rings, for example, and you will end up with a massive amount of blocks and critical hits, even if the rings are merely the base level rings.

Some stages contain more than one element of monster. To beat them, take your sword out of its element and make it neutral by mixing the opposite element with it. For example, merge a fire sword and an ice cube to make a neutral sword. To make it even easier, have two fully-upgraded attack rings at the ready so that you can equip both and skyrocket your attack to insane levels, and win in as few hits as possible.

You can salvage the rotten or crappy items too with a smart mixer. For example, the rotten clover gives you negative luck. If you take it and merge a luck potion into it, it will change into a four-leaf clover, and it will act similarly to a luck potion but with even more luck added into it. Don’t use a rotten item on the right side of the mix though or you will nerf the item on the left.