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Colopl Rune Story – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Colopl Rune Story is a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that brings a new twist to the mobile genre. You also have a city to build in this game, and the farther you go in your quest, the more buildings you unlock and the larger that you can make your city. You can get new rare heroes and weapons, gems and other goodies along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Colopl Rune Story!

Battles start off easy but they get tough real quickly. Your best bet is to do hit-and-run attacks to avoid taking damage to the highest degree possible, especially during a boss fight. Make use of your swipe rolls to dive in, take a few swings, then dive back out of the way. Let them try to attack again, then right after they swing while they are still recovering, smoke them.

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Your SP recovers every time that you hit an enemy with a normal attack, so go ahead and use your special attacks in battle. If you are in a tough boss battle especially (but any time, really), you can use your SP, then switch characters and use the next character’s SP for special attacks, too. Then once you’re done switch back to your strongest character and start using normal attacks, if the boss is still even alive after all of that.

You can get a lot of free gems by completing the various quests the game gives you. As often as possible, go to the store for summons and start summoning new characters or, if you are happy with who you have, to forge new weapons. Rare weapons can make a fighter seem a LOT stronger.

Use the blacksmith, though, to enhance the crap out of your weapons, to the point where their power level is ridiculous. Enhancing can be done with just coins. Upgrades require specific materials and a max-level weapon but they will give you a new, rarer weapon. Or hit the exchange button to exchange a weapon for a different weapon of equal star rarity – VERY useful if your characters are equipped unevenly and you have a surplus of one type of weapon.

To enhance and strengthen characters, first, collect colored runes from the battles. Then go to the Soul Board and you will be able to spend soul points (the blue currency) and runes that match the color of your character, in order to upgrade them. You can keep doing this until you run out of your runes, and your character will gain al evel each time that you do.