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Color 6 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Color 6 is a new endless puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms by Tigrido, who has become more well-known for their Dictator series of games. In Color 6, your goal is to make hexagons using the various shapes that pop up on the board. Each hexagon that you make clears off of the board, and you have to try to make as many combinations as possible without running out of moves. Read on for some tips and tricks for Color 6!

Before you put a piece down, look at the spot on the board where you want to put it, especially as that spot relates to the nearby piece around it. Tap on the waiting piece to make adjustments as needed so that you can place it in the right area. If you need to rotate the piece before you put it down, tap on the piece to do so, and then drag it over to where you want to stick it.

If it’s night and you want to play, it can be much easier on the eyes to set the game to night mode before you play it. To do this, when you are on the main menu screen, tap on the icon that looks like the moon. The background will change from white to black, and the moon will be replaced by the sun. Tap on the sun again to change it back to daytime mode.

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Wanna see how you match up against the best players in the world? Go to the bar-graph icon to see the high scores on either Game Center or Google Play, depending on which platform you play the game on. The top score is a hack, most likely, as it’s over 100,000, but every score after that is a fairly realistic goal to which you can aspire.

If you get sick of the ads (not that they are all that intrusive to begin with anyways), go to the options menu and hit the “remove ads” button for a quick in-app purchase to get rid of all of the ads. Playing the game in airplane mode or with the data and cellular shut off also makes the ads disappear.

You get twenty free chances to shuffle the pieces once you download the game. If you want to get more for free, delete the game and then reinstall it and you will get your 20 pieces back again, or you can purchase more pieces for the current game and not have to lose your all-time high score like you would by deleting it.