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Color Road: All Skins Guide – How to unlock all secret skins, tracks, and balls, page 2

Hidden Skin 4: Donuts (Day 4)
Hidden Skin 5: Cupcakes (Day 5)
Hidden Skin 6: Wheels and Tires (Day 6)

Red Triangle Road: Complete one classic challenge.
Green Rectangles Road: Complete five classic challenges.
Purple Diamonds Road: Complete eight classic challenges.

Green Hexagon Road: Complete 12 classic challenges.
Blue Chevrons Road: Complete fifteen classic challenges.
Maroon Checkerboard Road: Play one day in a row.

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Green Rectangle Row Road: Play three days in a row.
Purple Sidewinder Road: Play five days in a row.
Green/blue road with lanes: Play seven days in a row.

Blue small-chevron road: Play fourteen days in a row.
Red street-like road: Play 21 days in a row.
Green road with arrows: Play in 100 total games.

Purple road with plus signs: Play in 120 total games.
Green road with stars: Play in 150 games total.

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