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Color Road is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms by Voodoo, who is fast becoming famous for their quick-fire endless games. Your goal in this game is to run the ball as far as you can along the road, dealing with all of the hills and racking up as high of a score as possible. You can unlock new ball patterns and compete against players worldwide for the highest scores. Read on for some tips and tricks for Color Road!

The first key to getting the highest possible score on Color Road is surviving for the longest possible amount of time. This is easy early on in the game, but as you get farther into the level, you’ll start having to deal with awful downhills that block out the row of balls until the last possible second, which will force you to have to look very closely and move very quickly. Best to stick to the middle lane until you know what’s coming, so that you can move quickly when needed.

Multiply your score
The striped balls are the ones that will give you those sought-after score multipliers. Each one that you collect will increase your multiplier by one, so if you collect 15 striped balls in a row, then every solid ball will be worth 16 points each afterwards. The streak ends when you miss a striped ball, though; then you have to start the streak right over.

Unlocking new balls
Right now, as it is so early in the release of the game, you can’t unlock anything new. Fortunately though, Voodoo always comes early and strong with the game updates. When you see the first new update to the game, expect it to have all kinds of ball unlocks packed with it.

Fighting for a high score
It might be a bit intimidating looking at the high score list for the first time, because you’ll see insane scores in the 10,000s or even 100,000s. These are not impossible to get, though, even without a whole lot of experience. The real key is with increasing the multiplier to insanely high levels, so that you can earn massive amounts of points per ball, and to keep that going for as long as possible.

One thing to make it easier
You might think that you will fall off of the side of the level if you swipe too hard, but one thing that makes the game a bit easier is that you won’t go off the side of the level, at all. You’ll simply stop at the left end of the road or the right end of the road, depending on what direction you swipe. So swipe as hard as you want to so that you can move quicker.

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