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Color Switch – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Color Switch is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms. This app plays like a cross between Spinny Circle and Flappy Bird, where your goal is to bounce the ball upwards through the spinning shapes and earn the highest score possible, but you have to color match in order to keep the round going. Read on for some tips and tricks for Color Switch!

In order to keep the ball sitting evenly while you are waiting for the right color to come up, tap at a rate of about 2 taps per second, or 120 beats per minute, in order to keep it bouncing at the same level. Tap faster when it’s time to go through the matching color, but don’t tap too fast or you might run into the other side of the shape before the right color comes back around to the other side.

Take you time going through each shape. There is no time limit to this game; you can wait as long as you want for the right color to come around. Plus, with certain shapes, they change directions, so this will allow you to sit back and watch the patterns and predict them, so that you can jump through them without accidentally smashing yourself on the wrong color.

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The toughest shape to get through is the circle with multiple hands in it, like a clock, that are moving backwards. You have to wait for two sets of shapes to coordinate with this one since they won’t automatically do it all by themselves, so take your time on this one and watch for the colors to line up, or at least for the wrong colors to get out of the way.

Tap on the red bar graph to see who has the highest scores in the world at this game. You will have to scroll down through all of the fake scores in order to get to the real ones, but there are only a handful of fake (999) scores. 999 is the highest known score that is currently possible for this game.

There are brand new game modes getting added to the game with every consecutive update, so make sure to download every update that comes out for this game, or if you haven’t already set your phone to automatically download updates, set it for that. This game is a small download so it will pick up the new updates very quickly. The following pages of this article will contain new and updated tips as they become relevant to newer versions of the game.

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