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Colossatron: Massive World Threat – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Colossatron is a new game for the iOS and Android by Halfbrick Studios, who is best known for Fruit Ninja. This game features a 90s-esque storyline with a massive robot dragon threatening to destroy the world, with anxious newscasters calling it blow-by-blow – but in this game, YOU are the massive robot dragon villain. Your goal is to destroy the world, do the most damage and make the most money that you can. You can use the money and the prisms that you earn for all kinds of fun upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Colossatron!

The game seems like it’s almost auto-playing at first. You can pick up power cores and add them to your dragon as the round goes on. However, you can also manually target whatever you want to target as you go. Simply hold your finger down on the screen, on whatever you want to target, and your Colossatron will crawl towards and target whatever it is that you want to target. This is the best way to maximize the damage that you do and the money that you earn.

Even organizing your power modules is an art. There’s various strategies that you can take – for example, place two colors next to each other that can combine together, such as red and blue to make purple. Or take three of the same color and place them next to each other, and they will combine up into a far more powerful version of the power module. Or place them completely randomly around your dragon to make a much longer dragon.

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Each different layout has its own benefits. If you combine like colors, you’ll end up with much greater firepower, but it will be easier to kill your dragon – this has a benefit, though, for if you have a shield module, because you can place your most powerful power cores inside of the shield so that they can be protected for longer.

If you want to get free prisms, go to the prism shop and hit all three of the social media buttons – Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. You’ll get the prisms even if you don’t like/follow/subscribe after hitting the jump – just hitting the jumps are all that you need in order to get the free prisms.

Use those prisms to either change your gadget or to purchase new upgrades at the armory. The gadget switching can be a bit of a waste – go to the armory instead to unlock specific colors of power cores with new powers, such as your health modules becoming vampiric and sucking the health out of military vehicles. Or you can upgrade the ones that you already have.