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Combo Critters – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Combo Critters is a new iOS and Android RPG featuring a 3D-pixel graphic style and a massive cast of characters for you to use, collect, and upgrade. Your goal is to quest through stages while collecting puzzle pieces, catching new characters, merging them together to create more powerful characters, and battling against increasingly tougher enemies, while collecting coins in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Combo Critters!

Each stage is technically an infinite level if you choose not to collect the last puzzle piece yet. All that you have to do is walk past the puzzle piece, keep walking, and you’ll automatically flip back to the beginning of the stage, but with all of your current puzzle pieces in tow. Enemies will respawn too, allowing you to fight and collect more of them as needed.

Generally, merging two one-stars together gets you a two-star, merging two two-stars together gets you a three-star, and so on and so forth, so collecting those extra monsters allows you to merge and merge until you move up to the next rarity. The rarer a critter, the more health and attack power that it generally has.

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If you come up against too strong of an enemy, then run away, but if you have the powerful creatures that you need in order to defeat it, keep on fighting. When the special attack is charged, use it immediately. You’ll need to follow the on-screen patterns and prompts to get the most out of the attack, but it can be a powerful equalizing force between you and a more powerful enemy.

Coins can be collected either by fighting, or by watching an advertisement video to earn more coins. The video button will appear underneath the coin counter, and when you tap it, the video begins automatically. The same free coin prompt also pops up when you open the in-app purchase menu. Once a video is done, you will have about five minutes before you can watch another one.

The stronger an opposing creature is, the tougher they will be to catch. If you miss them the first time, then you can pay coins to try again for the catch. This second attempt will have a higher percentage chance of succeeding than the first one did.