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Combo Quest 2 – How to load up on free gold coins and gems

Combo Quest 2 is the latest smash-hit action RPG for the iOS and Android, with extremely difficult and addictive gameplay for those that are sick of the super-easy RPGs that permeate the App Store and Google Play. You have two main types of currencies in this game. Coins are the more common currency, while gems are the rare premium currency. Read on to find out how to get free coins and gems in Combo Quest 2!

Coins are most commonly earned in the battles themselves. If you get stuck on any particular stage, you can go back to an old stage at any time. The prize will be a bag of coins, so beat the level and you will collect not only the coins from each enemy, but bonus coins as well. Keep grinding for coins until they add up big time.

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Take the coins and purchase a key, or collect the free keys once every 8 hours. Then do the challenge. Not only will you get a chance to win back your gold coins and then some, but if you get far enough in, you will get the chance to win a chest full of gems as well.

Your most common way to earn free gems is by collecting the free chest that you get once every 4 hours. Currency chests are one of the types that is possible to earn (and is the most common one, actually). Open it and you’ll most likely collect a gem reward although sometimes, you will earn a huge gold coins reward as well.

Somehow, the game does not have an option for push notifications. Instead, go to your phone or tablet options, and then go to notifications, and look for Combo Quest 2. Turn on the notifications, and you will get a pop up whenever you have a free chest or a free key available. Go there as soon as you get the notification so that you can start the countdown again.

As you increase the kingdom level, more upgrades will become available. One of these upgrade is the Gold Find upgrade. Purchase that and your gold finds will increase by 5%. Purchase the next level of it for another 5% increase. The gold find upgrades will quickly pay for themselves, especially in the later, more lucrative rounds of the game.