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Combo Quest 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

You start off with a certain batch of available upgrades, but as you increase your kingdom level, you can also increase the number of upgrades available to purchase. They get more expensive as they get more sophisticated, but they’re worth it to purchase. For example, at kingdom level 2, you can purchase upgrades that give you a higher chance of rare items as battle drops.

Watch out for the bomb tiles if you are in the middle of a good strong combination. When they blow up, they will blow up all tiles around them, good or bad, so if you were planning on tapping multiple tiles, lay off of the trigger after tapping a bomb so that you don’t mistap and lose some of your health.

One of the best times to use your swipe attack is when the bar becomes loaded with red tiles. When you use the swipe, they will all get pushed far to the right, and the ones which drop off will no longer appear. If the cursor was going at a high speed, it will slow back down and make it a little bit easier to get your bearings.

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If you get stuck on a particular level, try changing up your weapon and your companion, assuming that you have multiples of each. Even if a companion’s special skill doesn’t seem like it will help, it may end up making the difference in the heat of battle.

Green tiles do more damage than yellow tiles so make those a priority to tap. Plus, if you kill an enemy on a green tile, you seemingly tend to get more of the overall stat boosts. The same is true for if your companion gives the killing hit – you tend to get bigger stat boosts that way as well, compared to killing them on a yellow tile.

You get one revive per battle, no matter which battle it is. Try to stretch out the battle for as long as possible before using your first revive. Using the revive will allow you to skip the enemy that kills you and move onto the next one. The longer that you are able to stretch it out, the tougher the enemy that you will skip.

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