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Combo Quest 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Combo Quest 2 is the sequel to the addictive iOS and Android arcade RPG from a few years back. This one, like that one, contains a battle system where you tap as the cursor moves up and down a bar in order to attack the enemy and stop their attacks, as well as increasing your stats in a strategic manner in preparation for the later battles in the round, especially the boss battle. You can earn gold and gems, earn new heroes, companions, weapons, and unlock new game modes and challenges as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Combo Quest 2!

The green and yellow squares are the normal attacks, while the red ones, which move, represent a coming enemy attack. If the red one reaches your side, you’ll get attacked, so tap those ones to ward them off. The purple squares cannot be defeated, so let them pass so they don’t block your attempts to tap the other blocks.

If you fill up the bar at the bottom of the screen, you can then swipe right to unleash a huge combo attack. One thing that the purple blocks are useful for is that if you do tap them, you add to the bar at the bottom, so rapid-tap them to load up the bar. Also, wait to use the special attack and make an even bigger combo in order to add a multiplier to the bar for even more damage.

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Hit the upgrade section of the main menu for some general stat upgrades. From the start you can upgrade your power, your health and your combo power; as you level up, you will unlock the ability to upgrade your critical chances, your rare perk chances and your revive chances.

Challenge mode can earn you even larger rewards. To enter challenge mode, though, you need to either win a key or to buy a key for 500 coins. Rack up coins by going back to any stage that you have previously beaten and playing it again, as they will offer gold bags as a end-of-level bonus when you beat them.

Most of the game will be locked from the beginning. Keep questing further and further forward because the further forward you go and the more new levels you beat, the more stuff you will unlock. Collect heroes so that you can swap heroes out after one of them dies, so that you can keep going for longer.

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