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Come on Zombie tips and tricks guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

Come on Zombie is a new side scrolling automated beat ’em up, from the Plants Vs Zombies school of gaming. Rather than plants and zombies, the characters in this games are humans and (duh) zombies, as well as zombie animals and other monsters. Your goal is to advance from level to level saving the lives of humans who have been overrun by zombies, killing as many zombies as possible, earning more skill points and coins, buying better equipment and eventually taking out every single zombie. Read on for some and tricks for Come on Zombie!

One easy way to both save the health of your nurse, Sexy Coco, and to kill enemies quickly, especially after you unlock Fire Markus, is to select Nurse Coco, and then lead her around the scree, healing Markus and Chef Bob as needed. Put Markus and Bob in the middle of the screen, slightly apart so that it’s easier to heal them when they start to run out of hit points.

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When an enemy pops up on screen and tries to go after Coco, lead her to the other side of the enemy, so that Markus and Bob are exactly halfway between Coco and the enemy. The enemy will automatically get torn apart by Markus and Bob, while Coco will stay safe.

When enemies are starting to overrun Markus and Bob, and any other fighters who you unlock, use Coco to lead them around on a chase, letting them chase her around while the other fighters work on the other enemies. Then do the above tricks to lead them back to the fighters once your other fighters are free. If you replace Coco with someone else later on as you unlock more characters, then use someone else to do this trick.

You can skip ahead and play any stage that doesn’t have a lock icon next to it, without playing the stages in the exact order that they’re given. You can also play old stages any time that you want to.

Oh, and if you have two of the same item from loot, check the stats of both of them. No two items (usually) ever have the same statistics, and two of the same item can have very different stats.


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