Continue?9876543210 – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Continue?9876543210 is an extraordinarily abstract and poetic indie game for iOS and Steam. The game is about a random videogame character, vague enough to be the hero in any game, who dies, and whose player decides to let the continue screen run down to 0. This is the point where the character is supposed to die, but your character doesn’t want to die, and this is where the game begins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Continue?9876543210!

The story is the main thing that keeps it interesting, and all of the character speak in massively broken English, because according to the background of the game, the game’s cleanup files have deleted part of their English programming. Take a couple times to read what everybody says. Most of the time it’s useless, but there are times when it makes a difference.

For example, sometimes a character will warn you about another character’s intentions. Avoid this character that you get warned about, because they will send you into a trap, possibly killing you, forcing you to either spend FOO, a car part, or give up some of your shelters in exchange for coming back.

The main point of the overworld area is to plan, look for new people to talk to and new areas to explore. When you open up a shrine, you will get to choose from My Lightning and My Prayer. Lightning will clear out the blocks that block certain doorways, while Prayers will build shelters in future areas. Skew more towards Prayers, because if you get killed in battle, you’ll end up spending shelters most of the time.

RAM is your character’s life energy. Every time an enemy hits your character you will end up losing RAM, and if you get to zero you’re done (unless you spend one of the above-listed reviving tools). Play a defensive game in battle. In the top-down battles, your best bet is to run in wide circles to get the monsters to chase you, then turn back around and cut down the entire line of them.

For the side to side battle, run from one side to the other (never in the middle) to get monsters to chase you and drop down. Take your finger off the left side of the screen, use one finger to jump and the other finger to swipe for easy kills. Keep doing this until you kill off every enemy. The better you do, the more bonus keys you will earn.