Contract Killer: Sniper – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Contract Killer: Sniper is the latest in the long-running mobile shooter series by Glu Games. Contrary to the name of the game, you aren’t just a sniper – you’re a commando with a huge range of weapons whose goal is to blow away enemy soldiers both in the single player and the multiplayer modes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Contract Killer: Sniper!

Cash and gold are the two currencies of the game. Gold is the premium one of the two currencies, and while you normally have to buy more gold, you can earn more gold through various ways for free. For example, go to the in app purchase store and you can watch advertisement videos for more gold, or you can go to the offer wall, complete offers, and earn gold in exchange for doing so.

Diamonds are a third currency in the game. PvP battles will earn you more diamonds, and both of these are used to upgrade your weapons. A new gun will usually be far too expensive early on in the game, so keep upgrading your weapons in order to keep up with the increasing difficulty of various levels.

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Generally, your best strategy is to duck and cover, look at the enemies’ firing patterns and figure out a hole in their offense, then take advantage. They will duck and cover, and when they duck and cover, that’s when you come out, bust out the scope and aim at their heads. Then as soon as they pop out from behind cover, start shooting. Fire off as many shots as you can until you have to dive back behind cover.

Always fire at the heads of enemies because the heads will take the most damage. When you are using the sniper rifle, adjust the scope to compensate for the sensitivity of the controls. Go with the smallest scope that you can, but if you need more accuracy then increase the size.

For even more control, go to the options area and change the sensitivity. Higher sensitivity makes it easier to dart back and forth from enemy to enemy, but it can be tougher to rattle off an accurate shot.

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