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Cooking Craze – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Cooking Craze is a new cooking game for the iOS and Android platforms. You’re a new restauranteur whose goal is to take over the city with your delicious catering, one level at a time, earning coins, stars, and spoons as you unlock new food and serve new customers. The action gets faster and faster and your dishes get more and more complex as you progress. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cooking Craze!

When you beat a level for the first time, you’ll earn one star. To earn more stars on each level, you’ll have to replay them again, and you’ll have a goal to meet, such as collecting a specific amount of coins, or making a specific amount of customers happy. Meet this goal and you’ll get another star. Go back and replay levels when you need more stars.

If it’s coins you’re grinding for, though, go to levels where coins are your goal, and not stars. You’ll earn exactly the amount of coins that you earn in the level, so you’ll have to serve customers quickly in order to earn as many coins as you can. These are great grinds for upgrades to your food and to your cooking supplies, so that you can earn more coins per dish.

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Prepare food as far in advance as you can. With the donuts, for example, in the early levels you know that customers are going to be lining up and ordering the same things, so have donuts cooking while you also have donuts sitting on the rack waiting to be ordered. With upgrades you’ll be able to cook the donuts faster, and hold more donuts at a time.

Various achievements can be unlocked in the trophy menu, also. Check the achievements that you have not unlocked yet to see what you have to do to complete them. There are three levels with each one, and with each completed one, you’ll earn three spoons as a reward. The more stars you get for each achievement, the higher the spoon reward will be.

Look for bonuses to appear around the map, as well. Many of them will be unlockable through completing a specific level, as will new food at your restaurant, and each time you unlock new food, you change the types of orders you’ll receive when you go back and replay old levels.