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Cooking Dash 2016: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Cooking Dash 2016 is the latest in the adventures of Flo. She started off serving food at rapid speed in the Diner Dash franchise, and now she’s in Vegas competing against other chefs in a Top Chef-esque reality TV cooking show. The familiar gameplay will have you rushing back and forth across the kitchen, cooking food for VIPs and regular customers alike. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cooking Dash 2016!

You need supplies in order to play the game, as they act as the “energy” for Flo. If you run out of supplies, you can either wait for them to come back, or you can cheat by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet, then going back to the game and collecting your free energy. After you go back to the game and see that energy appear, you can then set the time back to normal and you won’t lose any energy.

Otherwise you can get more supplies, and more coins, by hitting either the “offers” or “videos” button, depending on your taste. These buttons are also in the coins section of the IAP store. Another way to earn coins is to go back to old levels that you have beaten already and then play them again. You will still earn the same amount of coins albeit no stars or other bonuses like that.

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The best time to go back to old levels is after you upgrade your stoves, ovens, or other cooking areas as this will improve your cooking speed. This will make old stages far easier to beat than they were initially. Do this especially for any level where you have yet to earn three stars. When it comes to coins, the higher the level, the more coins you will generally have a chance to earn.

The best upgrades for coins are the food and decor upgrades. Food upgrades increase the quality of the food, which increases the price that customers will pay for it. Upgrading the decor will increase customer patience, which makes them happier by the time they get their food, which also means that you will get more coins.

If you think you know what a customer is going to order next or are replaying a stage and have played it so many times that you have memorized the order in which things happen, then start placing food on the grill before the customer even gets there. This is a quick way to improve your overall star score with a fairly small amount of risk. At worst, you’ll just have to throw away a couple of things.