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Corny Crush: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Corny Crush is a new game by the Youtuber Shane Dawson in which you take his dog, Corny, and terrorize the neighborhood for as long as you can. In reality, this is a bit of a Simon Says type of game. Buttons keep appearing, and you have to hit the right buttons all in the right order. The longer you go, the more that the buttons will keep stacking up. Read on for some tip and tricks for Corny Crush!

Keep an eye on the colors of the buttons that you have to hit. These are more important than what Corny is doing in the picture on the button. Color match the button so that you can get it right, because if you hit the wrong button, you lose the round. The farther into the round you go, the more buttons that will add up, so this becomes extra important.

This game gets faster and faster as you go as well, so be prepared for it to speed up. The buttons will come in quicker succession, and more different combinations of buttons will appear, so get ready for them and don’t let yourself get caught off guard by them.

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The ads in this game can be extremely annoying, especially the part where the videos are timed and you have to wait a few seconds before you can skip them. In order to get rid of the ads for free, all that you have to do is set the phone into airplane mode when you play it. Or turn off your phone or tablet’s WiFi and data. You can still play, but the ads will go away.

It’s entirely possible to play this game with the sound off and still be good at it. However, Corny Crush is at its easiest when you have the sound turned on so that you can listen to the sounds that Corny makes when you hit a button rather than just seeing what he does or what color is associated with the button. This will make it easier to time your button presses.

If you accidentally die even when you hit the right button, that’s because you didn’t time the button press correctly. You have to hit the button when Corny is somewhere inside the circle, and especially the left half of the circle. Don’t hit the button too early or too late or the button press will not count.