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Corridor Z: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Corridor Z is a new reverse-endless-runner game for the iOS and Android platforms, and is one of the few innovative games in this genre to have come out in a LONG time. You switch back and forth between three characters, and your goal is to advance them to the next level, together, by having them complete various missions. Read on for some tips and tricks for Corridor Z!

The main trick is to learn what each color of light represents, so that you don’t get caught offguard, because it’s quite easy to do. If you see a green light, a turn is going to be coming up really quickly. If you see a red light, that means that there is a weapon on the ground. Gold means that there is a stash of rations on the side. Purple means that if you hit down, you will get a diary page.

There won’t be any lights for the obstacles that you have to throw in the zombies’ path, but they will be easy to see anyways. Where you hit each obstacle depends on how much of it you knock down, especially with the stacks of boxes and other furniture on the sides of the level. Generally you will throw zombies backwards a slight bit more if you knock down heavier stuff, although the effect is negligible.

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If you want to get more rations for free without having to spend any money, go to the in app purchase store. From there you will have two options. One of them will be to watch advertisement videos for free rations. The other will be to complete offers that can earn you free rations. Or, if you don’t want to do either one, you can just collect more rations from the stages.

After you pass a mission, you can intentionally die and go to the next mission; run any longer than you have to and it will just take longer to complete everything, although it will be lucrative due to all of the rations earned. You can literally run forever if you have the timing down on all of the obstacles, weapons and turns.

Sometimes a glitch will happen where if you pass to the next room, a tutorial instruction such as “Use object” will appear first and cause the whole transition to happen extremely slowly. Either wait it out or you can cut the game off, and then restart it and you will be back where you left off.