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Cosmic Colony for iPhone: Energy, Mood, Craft Item and Coin Cheats

Cosmic Colony is a city-building game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and it’s one of the prettiest, smoothest and most professionally done city-builders to come out in awhile. It even has a fun, snarky sense of humor to boot. Energy is an “action” currency that takes time to regenerate, and collecting from any building costs you energy, as does completing construction on a building. Coins are, of course, the main currency of the game. Mood is a general indicator of how happy your city is. Craft items are necessary to complete construction on certain buildings, and can include things such as oil and ore. Read on for cheats and tips on how to get more of all four!

To get more energy, first, run yourself out of energy in the game. If you are having a hard time running out of energy, that means you’re still at a low enough level that you can get away with leveling up before you run out. To prolong this, follow all of the quests to the T, but once you get to the point where it takes awhile to complete quests, then do this.

Once you’re out of energy, click out of the game and change the clock on your iPhone or iPad to read one hour ahead. Now go back to the game and your energy will be fully restored. If you want, you can then click out of the game, go back to the time, and auto-set the time and your energy will still be full. You essentially get unlimited energy this way.

To collect mood points, craft items, and coins immediately from buildings, do the exact same time trick as above. You’ll need to set the clock ahead enough to equal how long it takes to collect from your longest-term building. For example, for a building that takes 3 hours to collect from, you’ll need to set the time 3 hours ahead. For the industrial buildings, such as the mine, you’ll need to set their slot machines to spin first.

Anyways, do the exact same thing, setting the time ahead and then going back to the game. Just like with before, you can either collect all of them at once, or set the time back to normal and then collect from all of them. It doesn’t make a difference, and you still essentially get unlimited coins, mood points and craft items.