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Cosmic Showdown: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Cosmic Showdown is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you compete against other players in a battle similar to Worms or Scorched Earth, aiming shots at each other in an effort to destroy your opponent’s spaceship. You can earn coins and gems, unlock all kinds of gun towers and other machinery, and use them to blow away your opponents, while earning trophies and working your way up the ranks. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cosmic Showdown!

The key in battle is speed. Get your lanterns out there quickly and try to freeze your opponent out of almost all of the potential territory. First, though, place your spaceship in the place where it’ll be the toughest to hit, behind floating platforms and other formations. But get your lanterns out there quickly. And if your opponent is quick on the draw with lanterns, place a missile or other gun tower and start blowing up their lanterns and replacing them with yours.

Take advantage of the “repeat” button, which is the red button that appears over the top of the gun tower after you make a shot. If your aim is good and you want to do the same aim again, hit repeat and you’ll fire a shot with the exact same speed and aim. Hit the repeat button before the cooldown ends and your gun tower will perform the same shot immediately at the end of the cooldown.

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You can load up on crates, with three slots available for free players and four slots available for VIPs, but even if you fill up your crate load and have to wait for one to unlock, you can still earn more cards and coins. Fill the planet crate meter by winning multiplayer battles. Each star that you earn equals out to one notch in the planet crate’s bar, with ten total notches. Also, watch ad videos to get the video supply crates.

Some weapons will not only do damage to enemy ships and guns, but they’ll also blow out a little bit of the platform that they hit. Use them to your advantage in times of trouble by attempting to knock objects off of the platforms. Blow the platforms out from under them to get them to fall off of the level, and blow up small platforms near your opponent’s ship to take away a place where they can potentially stick a gun.

Use shields wisely if your shapeship or your best guns are under attack in order to get some breathing room. To recharge your energy quicker, place a miner somewhere on the level. A miner causes quicker energy recovery, so if you place one down, you’ll be able to build anything more quickly than before. Place multiple miners down for super fast energy recovery.