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Cow Evolution: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Cow Evolution is a crazy new clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms where you evolve cows into ever-crazier life forms using the power of economics! Your aspirations are to get rich, and of course, the way to do that is to evolve your cows so that they earn you more coins. You can get cow mutants and aliens, and even go to Mars. Basically, it’s Ian Bogost’s crazy parody taken to its logical extreme. Read on for some tips and tricks or Cow Evolution!

Drag one cow over an identical cow in order to evolve it to the next form. Seems simple enough, right? The more cows that you have and the more advanced forms of them that you evolve, the bigger the increase in the amount of coins that you earn per second. Make sure that you have the cow box drop power-up so that you can keep a steady supply of cows coming even when you are not spending coins.

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Of course, you will earn more coins, and you will earn them a LOT more quickly, if you keep your phone on, and turned to the right screen. You can go to either the farm, the next-highest view, or the highest view (planet Earth). Go to the highest view that you have available, because you earn coins from the cow poop. The higher the form of the cow, the more coins you earn from their poop.

Click on the cow to earn more coins by making the cow poop automatically. Obviously, click on the highest ranking cow that you have. The same thing as all of the above goes for any cow that you have on Mars, except the currency will be rubies rather than cash.

For awhile on the Mars farms, the rubies will be far easier to come by if you give cows to the aliens on earth, rather than go up to Mars and try to collect rubies from the alien cows themselves. He will ask for a specific rank of cow, and the higher the rank that you give him, the more rubies that he will give you in return.

Spend your diamonds wisely, and watch an ad or two to get free diamonds. Tap the “get free diamonds” button in the store to do this, or tap the “Ad” option next to one of the cows inside of the cow store in order to watch an ad that will earn you that cow for free, rather than having to spend any coins on it.