Cowboy! (iOS/Android game): Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Cowboy! is a new iOS and Android game where are you right on the back of a bull, catch goats, cows, sheep, and a host of other animals. You can strengthen your lasso to catch as many animals as possible, lengthen it in order to go longer distances, and even earn a ton of coins while you’re offline.

You can complete missions for bonuses, unlock new steeds, and even load up on multipliers for all the animals that you have to catch.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Cowboy!

After you shoot out your lasso, your goal is to fill it with as many animals as it will fit. Send it out to its full length, watching the entire map as it’s stretching out, and start looking for gold animals while it’s expanding. Try to remember their locations. Save room on your lasso for as many gold animals as possible.

You have two main upgrades that you can do to your lasso. You can strengthen the lasso, which increases the number of animals that you can catch at once. You can also lengths n the lasso, which allows you to extend it out for longer distances. Keep them both upgraded about equally so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

As you upgrade the length of your lasso, you’ll notice more and more new animals up toward the top of the area. The later in the stage that you find your animal, the more coins you’ll earn when you catch it. Extending it out to the longest length possible for even more expensive, more exotic animals.

However, make it a point to catch the same animals over and over in order to give them a multiplier. Check your list of animals and you will notice an upgrade bar along with a bronze, silver, or gold ranging.

Fill the bar up and you will upgrade the animal to the next level, unlocking a multiplier that will increase the coin value of each future example of that animal that you collect.

From the main menu, go over to the wanted sign. And here, you will find a series of quests that the game will have you complete. For each one that you complete, you will earn a bonus, such as coins, or even a new steed.

Tokens are the premium currency of the game. Whenever you earn a new token, go over to the lucky dry and spin for a new steed. You have a total of 16 different teams that you can as long as you played. They all perform the same, but they do change the appearance of your cowboy.

Very importantly, don’t forget to upgrade your offline income. When you’re offline for awhile and then you come back, you earn coins for every minute that you’re gone. So if you turn off the game overnight and then open it back up again in the morning, if you’re offline income is upgraded properly, you can wake up to a massive amount of coins.

You can also unlock brand new world just by going longer and longer distances. A pop-up will appear telling you that a new area or a new world is unlocked. Tap on the world icon in the main menu to see how close you are to unlocking the next one.

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