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Craft Away! – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Craft Away! is a new iOS and Android game by the same company that made Farm Away! and Build Away! Your goal in this game is to amass money, gems, and resources, rescue various companions as you quest through levels, and battle against increasingly powerful jelly bosses at each turn in your journey. Read on for some tips and tricks for Craft Away!

Early on, the majority of the damage done to the blocks on the screen will be done by your main character with your swipes. Your companions won’t do all that much damage even when you level them up a good bit. As you unlock more companions though, they will become the majority of the damage that you do in each level. At this point your idle damage and your offline damage will skyrocket.

You can catch your main character up by focusing on the milestones though. Every ten levels, your character’s swipe damage will double. This may not seem like it will make much of a difference, because the damage number is low compared to your latest companion, but because you can swipe across entire lines of blocks at the same time, the increases will make a massive difference when you’re doing heavy swiping.

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Whenever your companions hit a milestone, they’ll get a big boost as well. Tap on the companion to open up their profile page, and then tap the boosts to see what they entail. Often their boosts will upgrade either the damage done by all companions or the damage done by your hero, which can provide an immediate boost, especially against a tough boss that you’re saving up to be able to defeat.

When you come back from being offline for awhile, you’ll get offline rewards generated by your companions. Come back to the game when you’re in an area with an internet connection, because if you have one, you can watch an advertisement video in order to double up all of your rewards. The video offer will only pop up if you have an internet connection at the time.

If you lose to a boss, you’ll go back to the previous level, and you’ll keep mining resources until you have enough power to be able to beat the boss. If you want to mine unlimited resources, go to your phone settings and turn off auto-sleep, plug your phone into a charger, and leave the game on active so that your companions are able to do a ton of mining for you. Go to sleep with your phone like this, then come back for massive gold and resources. This will especially help when you’re crafting later.