Crazy Home Run! – Top Tips, Cheats, Upgrade and Distance Guide

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Crazy Home Run! is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is simply to hit the longest home run that you can. You have to swipe to hit the ball, and then you earn coins based on the distance that you hit it and based on how many landmarks you pass. You can buy all sorts of upgrades to hit the ball farther, as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Crazy Home Run!

You have to swipe to get a hit, and a good swipe or a bad swipe can make all the difference between how hard you hit it. Don’t start your swipe until after the ball pops out of the cannon. You don’t have to swipe fast, but you do have to swipe accurately. Hit the ball slightly on the bottom, but not all the way on the bottom, to get a perfect angle and send it as far as you can. A slower swipe can make it easier to aim your hit.

Of course, you won’t be able to send it too far until you do a good amount of upgrades. To get those, you need coins. In addition to the coins that you earn from passing landmarks, you can earn coins by watching free videos at the upgrade screen. At first, you’ll earn 10 coins per video, but as you buy more upgrades and hit for longer distances, each video will be worth more and more.

Watch as many videos as you want until you have enough coins for plenty of upgrades. But don’t watch too many in a row without upgrading, because the videos will be worth more as you upgrade more. Plus, that initial premium pack, which starts off at a 500-coin value, will be worth more and more, but it won’t increase in worth to the same degree as the videos will.

You can upgrade two different things in the game: power and speed. While they are slightly redundant, the main difference is that power adds to the height that you can hit the ball, and speed adds to the pure distance that you can hit the ball. Combine them both together to eventually be launching moon shots across the levels.

Right now, you can only upgrade power and speed to level 50 each. If you get to the maximum upgrade level and get bored, keep the game around because more upgrades should be added with future updates to the game, and you won’t have to start over again should you decide to play the game again once an update comes out.

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