Crazy Taxi: City Rush – Get Free Diamonds and Dollars!

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is the latest game in the insane Sega franchise. This iOS and Android smash hit was created by the designer of the original Crazy Taxi game that graced so many Sega Dreamcasts back in the day. Like its iOS and Android brethren, there are two main type of currency in this game. Dollars are the common currency, while diamonds are the premium one, but there’s plenty of ways to get both of them for free. Read on to find out how!

The main way to get free dollars is to go to the IAP store and check out all of the available offers. You’ll get free dollars for hitting up the offer wall, which is loaded with Tapjoy offers that you can complete for free in order to earn loads of free coins. The more you complete, the more coins/dollars that you’ll end up earning that can be used to upgrade your Taxi.

Check out the “earn rewards” button for more ways to earn free dollars. Follow on Facebook or like the game on Twitter and you’ll earn 3,000 free dollars apiece. Hit the “watch a video” button and a short advertisement video will play, and when it’s done, you’ll earn a free coin reward too.-

The crazier that you drive within the stages themselves, the more dollars you will earn as a bonus for completing the level. Do tricks such as long drifts. Hit pedestrians, hit cars, and complete the stage as fast as you can. There are a load of different factors that play into your earnings, and all of them will increase your earnings.

The main way to earn free diamonds is by building your passenger collection. Go to the main screen and go to your Profile section. Then go to the Sticker Book and collect one free diamond for every new passenger that you’ve found. Go to the achievement tab and for every achievement that you have completed, you’ll be able to collect one or more free diamonds.

Every time that you drop off a passenger, you’ll earn materials for a mystery trunk. Once you complete the collection, go to the mystery trunk section and open it, and you’ll earn a random prize. One of the possible prizes is earning 50 diamonds for free, and earning 100 diamonds for free is another possible prize. Massive dollar rewards are also possible.

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