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Crazy Tribes for iPhone and Android: Resource Guide – How to quickly get more metal, gas, plastic and food

Crazy Tribes is a new MMO real time strategy game for the iPhone and Android that’s set in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Your goal is to get more resources, train troops, and try to conquer not only the mutant bases which surround you, but bases belonging to other players as well. Your four basic resources are metal, gas, plastic and food. Read on to find out how to get more of all four of them!

The main way to get more food is to upgrade your Biodome. When you first start the game it will be at level 1. Each time that you upgrade the Biodome, you will be able to feed more of your followers. In addition, if you go to the lab and research CO2 Pipes and Drought Tolerant Corn, your food yield will increase even more, allowing you to feed still more of your followers. The food number at the top of the screen indicates how much food you have left over after all of your followers are fed, so keep it upgraded enough that it doesn’t get into the negatives.

Increase your metal yield by upgrading your metal foundry, your plastic by upgrading your plastic factory, and your gas yield by upgrading your digestion tower. Each one has an hourly yield, which increases every time you upgrade. To store more maximum metal, gas and plastic, upgrade your metal store, plastic store and gas balloon.

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To get even more of all three resources much more quickly than you can with the yield buildings, first, have at least 15 Scouts trained at the Arsenal. Then, go to the Atomic Cafe and send them on the Collect Scrap, Collect Trash and Collect Plant Remains missions. You can send 5 scouts apiece on each, and each mission takes 10 minutes to complete, without costing you anything. In addition, upgrade your Arsenal and Atomic Cafe to unlock more troops, and more missions which you can send the troops on.

Finally, raid the nearby mutant bases using your troops and your pickups, and your troops will be able to loot resources. Make sure to send plenty of pickups over to the mutant bases as well, so that you can haul back the maximum amount of resources. You can also use the Black Market to trade resources for resources.

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