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Crazy Tribes for iPhone and Android: Resource Guide part 2 – More ways to get more metal, gas, plastic and food

Welcome to part 2 of the Crazy Tribes resource guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Another excellent way to collect resources is simply to take the “Wall Street” strategy of hostile takeovers. Do this if you have 1,000 ammo, and try to make sure that the base you want to raid has at least 1,000 ammo first. First, take over another base. To do this you have to send enough troops to beat their troops, and you must send over 1,000 ammo. It can be from your stash, from your clan’s stash or from multiple bases that you have. Send over enough supply troops as well to carry a massive amount of supplies.

Now, send the troops out to battle, and then when the battle’s over, you’ll now own the base, as well as all of the resources that are contained within the base and all of the buildings which continue to produce resources. From here, you can do one of two things. The first thing to do is continue to let the resources collect within your new base, and upgrade your resource buildings as needed. This effectively doubles the earning speed of your resources, and of course, gives you another place in which to train new troops.

Another strategy is simply to send all of your new supplies right back to your first base. Have your troops carry back all of the metal, gas, plastic, iodine and ammo that they can. Go and stash it at your new base, and then forget about the old base and let someone take it over, and then later, when they build up enough resources (and especially when you get more ammo), take it right back from them.

Another strategy to get more resources, in addition to resource-farming at defenseless mutant bases, is to attack bases that have been abandoned by other players. Do this, but don’t send over any ammo. Attack them, and let their resources keep building up, and then go back and attack them again later to loot even more resources. You only have to send the minimal number of troops in order to successfully attack – just send as many pickups and other supply carriers over as you can or as you need.