Crazy Tricks: Answers and Solutions For All Levels and Stages – Annoyed Boss and Couple Breaker

Annoyed Boss 1: Grab the hair dryer out of the drawer and drag it over to the boss’s hair to blow it off of his head.
Annoyed Boss 2: Get the coffee. Tap the paper next to the air conditioning unit to expose the plug. Drag the coffee to the plug to spill it and break the AC unit.
Annoyed Boss 3: There are four white squares around the level. Tap them to collect them, and use them to fill in the pattern on the boss’s shirt to delete his entire uniform.

Annoyed Boss 4: Tap the gum in the flower pot, and drag it over to your character. He’ll blow a bubble. Tap the bubble and then place it on the boss’s head.
Annoyed Boss 5: Simply answer the review question to pass the level.
Annoyed Boss 6: Grab the lipstick out of the drawer and put it on the boss’s cheek. When he pulls the mirror out, tap it to grab it before he sees the lipstick on his cheek.

Annoyed Boss 7: Grab the cup of water and spill it on the floor. Change the date to November to get the water to freeze and make the boss slip and fall.
Annoyed Boss 8: Grab the hammer out of the drawer and drag it to the mirror to break it. Take the broken mirror, then place it behind Jon (your worker) to irritate his girlfriend.

Annoyed Boss 9: Grab the putty knife out of the bottom drawer and cut Zhang’s name off of the list on the wall. Place the name “Zhang” on the sheet of paper that the boss is holding.
Annoyed Boss 10: Tap the head of the boss in the thought bubble above the gangster to collect his toupee, then place the boss’s wig on the head of the disguised boss.

Couple Breaker 1: Tap the pumpkin and then drag it to the other guy’s head. Then tap the megaphone and drag it over to the girl.
Couple Breaker 2: Take the mouse out of the desk drawer and drag it over to the computer tower below the right side of the desk.
Couple Breaker 3: Tap on “ex” in the name of the movie, then drag it over to the girl on the left.

Couple Breaker 4: Grab the hammer out of one of the stalls, then drag it over to the barrier in between Macho and the empty stall. Then tap start.
Couple Breaker 5: Grab the hair dryer out of the bottom right drawer and use it to blow the aroma away. Then take the kid’s shovel and use it to pry the time gauge off of the left side of the oven.

Couple Breaker 6: Tap on the clown’s hat to get cheese. Then drag the cheese to the manhole cover to make the mouse show up. Drag the mouse over to the blue teacup and hit start.
Couple Breaker 7: Grab the watering can from behind the merry-go-round and the seed from behind the top grass. Plant the seed in the brown circle, water it, and the prince will show up. Then click start.

Couple Breaker 8: Scroll to the next screen to buy a drink. Take the coin back from the bartender and knock out the prince with it. Pick up the prince and the coin, scroll over to the prize claw machine, and place them both in front of it.
Couple Breaker 9: search the shelves for DVDs. Grab the two with Jon’s ex girlfriend and put both of them into the DVD player below the television.
Couple Breaker 10: grab the teddy bear so you can have access to the lamp. Wait until the ex’s picture appears, then tap the lamp to turn it on.

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