Crazy Tricks: Answers and Solutions For All Levels and Stages – Elude Paparazzi and Annoyed Bestie

Elude Paparazzi 1: Tap on the word “Ex” and then place it on your girlfriend. She’ll get angry and slap you.
Elude Paparazzi 2: Tap on the grass on the roof to drop the hose down, then tap the hose nozzle to connect it with the manhole cover. Tap the dark brick on the wall to remove it, then tap the red wheel inside to turn the water on and flush out the paparazzi.
Elude Paparazzi 3: Take the mouse out of the middle drawer of the desk and put it into the computer tower. The boss will yell at the employee and drive him away.

Elude Paparazzi 4: Tap the pepper shaker to grab it, then tap the waiter to move him to the table. Put the pepper on his legs to make him sneeze. (Note: you can put the pepper almost anywhere but often it will accidentally make the boss sneeze instead if you aim it wrong)
Elude Paparazzi 5: Pick up the coin and throw it at the cardboard cutout of the paparazzi. Then a fly will appear. Grab the fly and put it inside of the toy dispenser hole in the claw game machine.

Elude Paparazzi 6: Grab the bone out of the grass on top of the right building. Drag it over to the right side of the manhole cover. A real dog will appear and put the robot dog out of commission.
Elude Paparazzi 7: Tap on the dress dummy in the upper left hand corner to grab a gold cube. Put the gold cube into the top car to transform it into a gold robot, which attacks the paparazzi bot.

Elude Paparazzi 8: Tap on the banana, then tap on the rake which is hidden behind the dead bush in the top left hand corner. Place the banana on the manhole cover and the rake to the right of it.
Elude Paparazzi 9: Tap on the bush on the right building twice to drop two hoses down. Tap on the right one to attach it to the manhole cover, then tap the left one (not the nozzle but the body of the hose) to spray the dog, who will then pee into the manhole cover.
Elude Paparazzi 10: Click on the word “Ahhhh!” then put it on the Paparazzi in the sewer.

Annoyed Bestie 1: Grab the match off of the matchbook, tap it, and place it under her tea cup to burn her hand.
Annoyed Bestie 2: Tap on the chili pepper inside of the painting. Then put the pepper onto your friend’s plate and she’ll sputter and cough when she takes a bite.
Annoyed Bestie 3: Once the friend’s speech ends, tap on the TV to get the cross, then tap to get the garlic. Put the garlic on her plate and when she kisses her boyfriend, he’ll faint from being grossed out.

Annoyed Bestie 4: Tap on the two cushions to puck them up. Tap on the scissors, drag the scissors to the TV power cord to cut it. Then tap where you cut the power cord to shock your friend.
Annoyed Bestie 5: Grab the bag from the actress in the picture. Scroll over to the next screen, take the coke from the kid and the hair dryer. Put the coke in the circle where the old lady is sweeping, then put the hair dryer down next to it to blow it away. When the old lady walks to the next screen, give her the actress’ bag, then tap take picture.

Annoyed Bestie 6: Give a hair styling magazine to the boss at the top of the screen. When he drops his magazine, give it to the hairstylist.
Annoyed Bestie 7: Tap the light at the top of the screen to get an orange arrow. Place it on the left side of the screen. Grab the “man” and “woman” signs on the bathrooms and switch them around.
Annoyed Bestie 8: Tap the right nightstand drawer and grab the half apple out of it. Put it near the friend’s slippers and a bug will appear. Tap the bug and put it on the friend’s face.

Annoyed Bestie 9: Tap on the bug. Put it to the right of the prince/thief, then put the magnifying glass on it to turn it huge. The prince will move, revealing a water valve. Tap it to send the bestie flying.
Annoyed Bestie 10: Tap on Jon over and over until he falls over. When he drops the diary, give it to your character.
Annoyed Bestie ? (final question mark level/boss level): Just lose the three levels, then tap the heart version of “Unable to Resurrection”, then tap “watch ad” for an in-game animation to pop up and you win.

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