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Crazy Tricks – Genius Or Not?: Answers and Solutions For All Levels and Stages

Crazy Tricks is a new trick-question game by the developers responsible for the Tricky Challenge franchise, which resurrected the style of trick questions made popular by Tricky Test and Tricky Test 2. In this game, you have to figure out how to influence a character in a specific way, such as by helping them irritate their boss or their best friend.

The answers here, like in similar games, are often tricks that require you to either use logic that’s more common to a primary school student than an adult, or to do strange things on the level, sometimes even using your phone’s mic, flipping your phone, or other oddball techniques.

In Crazy Tricks, the stages are divided up into multiple scenarios, consisting of Annoyed Boss, Annoyed Bestie, Prince of Thieves, Couple Breaker, Elude Macho, and Elude Paparazzi.

Each scene stars the same cast of characters, but in different scenarios; think of them like a series of shows performed by actors, except, of course, you influence the outcome of what they do.

Read on for a list of the answers and solutions to Crazy Tricks!

Annoyed Boss 1: Grab the hair dryer out of the drawer and drag it over to the boss’s hair to blow it off of his head.

Annoyed Boss 2: Get the coffee. Tap the paper next to the air conditioning unit to expose the plug. Drag the coffee to the plug to spill it and break the AC unit.

Annoyed Boss 3: There are four white squares around the level. Tap them to collect them, and use them to fill in the pattern on the boss’s shirt to delete his entire uniform.

Annoyed Boss 4: Tap the gum in the flower pot, and drag it over to your character. He’ll blow a bubble. Tap the bubble and then place it on the boss’s head.

Annoyed Boss 5: Simply answer the review question to pass the level.

Annoyed Boss 6: Grab the lipstick out of the drawer and put it on the boss’s cheek. When he pulls the mirror out, tap it to grab it before he sees the lipstick on his cheek.

Annoyed Boss 7: Grab the cup of water and spill it on the floor. Change the date to November to get the water to freeze and make the boss slip and fall.

Annoyed Boss 8: Grab the hammer out of the drawer and drag it to the mirror to break it. Take the broken mirror, then place it behind Jon (your worker) to irritate his girlfriend.

Annoyed Boss 9: Grab the putty knife out of the bottom drawer and cut Zhang’s name off of the list on the wall. Place the name “Zhang” on the sheet of paper that the boss is holding.

Annoyed Boss 10: Tap the head of the boss in the thought bubble above the gangster to collect his toupee, then place the boss’s wig on the head of the disguised boss.

Couple Breaker 1: Tap the pumpkin and then drag it to the other guy’s head. Then tap the megaphone and drag it over to the girl.

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Couple Breaker 2: Take the mouse out of the desk drawer and drag it over to the computer tower below the right side of the desk.

Couple Breaker 3: Tap on “ex” in the name of the movie, then drag it over to the girl on the left.

Couple Breaker 4: Grab the hammer out of one of the stalls, then drag it over to the barrier in between Macho and the empty stall. Then tap start.

Couple Breaker 5: Grab the hair dryer out of the bottom right drawer and use it to blow the aroma away. Then take the kid’s shovel and use it to pry the time gauge off of the left side of the oven.

Couple Breaker 6: Tap on the clown’s hat to get cheese. Then drag the cheese to the manhole cover to make the mouse show up. Drag the mouse over to the blue teacup and hit start.

Couple Breaker 7: Grab the watering can from behind the merry-go-round and the seed from behind the top grass. Plant the seed in the brown circle, water it, and the prince will show up. Then click start.

Couple Breaker 8: Scroll to the next screen to buy a drink. Take the coin back from the bartender and knock out the prince with it. Pick up the prince and the coin, scroll over to the prize claw machine, and place them both in front of it.

Couple Breaker 9: search the shelves for DVDs. Grab the two with Jon’s ex girlfriend and put both of them into the DVD player below the television.

Couple Breaker 10: grab the teddy bear so you can have access to the lamp. Wait until the ex’s picture appears, then tap the lamp to turn it on.

Elude Macho 1: Tap on the word “goal” and then place it next to Jon. Then hit the start button and he will win the race.

Elude Macho 2: Tap on the cape to take it off of the vampire. Then drag it over to Jon to hide him.

Elude Macho 3: Punch Macho three times, then tap the pedals that fall. Punch him two more times and tap the other two pedals. They’ll turn into a garland. Place it on Macho to distract him, then punch him.

Elude Macho 4: Tap the number “3” in “3D Max”, then tap the number “2” on Jon’s seat. Use the 2 to make “2D Max” to stop Macho from jumping out.

Elude Macho 5: Tap on the old man’s mustache and hat to take both of them. Then put the mustache on his head. He’ll become Isaac Newton, fall asleep under the tree, and the apple will fall on its own.

Elude Macho 6: Tap the backpack and take the water bottles out. Drag all three of them to the sprout in the ground to make the plants grow. The prince will show up on a horse, and Macho will grab him and run off. Hit start to kick the goal.

Elude Macho 7: Tap Jon to take his clothes, then tap the picture frame on the other screen to take the frame. Put the frame back up, then put his clothes into the green paint bucket to turn them entirely green. Put them back on Jon, then tap on the frame to hide Jon in it.

Elude Macho 8: Tap on Jon and the referee’s clothes, then the ref himself. Place Jon where the ref used to be, then place the referee where Jon used to be and hit start.

Elude Macho 9: Tap on the upper left hand bush to get a fishing net, then give it to the old man and he’ll catch a fish. Tap the fish, place it in the dark circle, and the cat will move toward Macho and distract him.

Elude Macho 10: Tap the axe and put it into the water to make Achelous appear. Take the golden axe from him, then put it in the stump. The prince will show up. Tap the prince and place him into the dark circle in the ground in front of the bath.

Prince of Thieves (aka Hustle Is The Prince) 1: Put the playing card into the case with the diamond, then put the mask on the Prince.

Prince of Thieves 2: Give the infrared goggles to the Prince, then tap the switch on the wall to shut the lasers off. Then use the card to unlock the case and give the Zorro mask to Prince.

Prince of Thieves 3: Tap on the black lines over the door to collect one, and put it on the statue. Then give Prince the mask.

Prince of Thieves 4: Tap the vinyl record on the wall, then tap the button on the statue to open the record player. Put the record in and close it. Then give Prince the mask.

Prince of Thieves 5: Tap on the left picture to collect the fly. Then give it to the pitcher plant and give the mask to the Prince.
Prince of Thieves 6: Put the playing card in the lock to the diamond case. Then give the mask to the cop instead of the Prince.

Prince of Thieves 7: Tap on Mona Lisa’s lips to collect them. Place them on the Titanic statue. They’ll go on Jack’s cheek. Rose will slap him and then throw you the locket.

Prince of Thieves 8: Place the mask on the arm inside of the painting. The screen will flip and the apple will roll down to the Prince, who will fly up and catch it.

Prince of Thieves 9: Throw the card at the key on the other burglar’s arm to drop it, then tap it to collect it. Then put the mask on the cop and the screen will flip, and he will arrest the other burglar. Then you’ll drive off in the car.

Prince of Thieves 10: Give the mask to the Prince, then drag the card to the mask to snap it in half, causing the screen to rotate only 90 degrees and allowing the Prince to escape.

Elude Paparazzi 1: Tap on the word “Ex” and then place it on your girlfriend. She’ll get angry and slap you.

Elude Paparazzi 2: Tap on the grass on the roof to drop the hose down, then tap the hose nozzle to connect it with the manhole cover. Tap the dark brick on the wall to remove it, then tap the red wheel inside to turn the water on and flush out the paparazzi.

Elude Paparazzi 3: Take the mouse out of the middle drawer of the desk and put it into the computer tower. The boss will yell at the employee and drive him away.

Elude Paparazzi 4: Tap the pepper shaker to grab it, then tap the waiter to move him to the table. Put the pepper on his legs to make him sneeze. (Note: you can put the pepper almost anywhere but often it will accidentally make the boss sneeze instead if you aim it wrong)

Elude Paparazzi 5: Pick up the coin and throw it at the cardboard cutout of the paparazzi. Then a fly will appear. Grab the fly and put it inside of the toy dispenser hole in the claw game machine.

Elude Paparazzi 6: Grab the bone out of the grass on top of the right building. Drag it over to the right side of the manhole cover. A real dog will appear and put the robot dog out of commission.

Elude Paparazzi 7: Tap on the dress dummy in the upper left hand corner to grab a gold cube. Put the gold cube into the top car to transform it into a gold robot, which attacks the paparazzi bot.

Elude Paparazzi 8: Tap on the banana, then tap on the rake which is hidden behind the dead bush in the top left hand corner. Place the banana on the manhole cover and the rake to the right of it.

Elude Paparazzi 9: Tap on the bush on the right building twice to drop two hoses down. Tap on the right one to attach it to the manhole cover, then tap the left one (not the nozzle but the body of the hose) to spray the dog, who will then pee into the manhole cover.

Elude Paparazzi 10: Click on the word “Ahhhh!” then put it on the Paparazzi in the sewer.

Annoyed Bestie 1: Grab the match off of the matchbook, tap it, and place it under her tea cup to burn her hand.

Annoyed Bestie 2: Tap on the chili pepper inside of the painting. Then put the pepper onto your friend’s plate and she’ll sputter and cough when she takes a bite.

Annoyed Bestie 3: Once the friend’s speech ends, tap on the TV to get the cross, then tap to get the garlic. Put the garlic on her plate and when she kisses her boyfriend, he’ll faint from being grossed out.

Annoyed Bestie 4: Tap on the two cushions to puck them up. Tap on the scissors, drag the scissors to the TV power cord to cut it. Then tap where you cut the power cord to shock your friend.

Annoyed Bestie 5: Grab the bag from the actress in the picture. Scroll over to the next screen, take the coke from the kid and the hair dryer. Put the coke in the circle where the old lady is sweeping, then put the hair dryer down next to it to blow it away. When the old lady walks to the next screen, give her the actress’ bag, then tap take picture.

Annoyed Bestie 6: Give a hair styling magazine to the boss at the top of the screen. When he drops his magazine, give it to the hairstylist.

Annoyed Bestie 7: Tap the light at the top of the screen to get an orange arrow. Place it on the left side of the screen. Grab the “man” and “woman” signs on the bathrooms and switch them around.

Annoyed Bestie 8: Tap the right nightstand drawer and grab the half apple out of it. Put it near the friend’s slippers and a bug will appear. Tap the bug and put it on the friend’s face.

Annoyed Bestie 9: Tap on the bug. Put it to the right of the prince/thief, then put the magnifying glass on it to turn it huge. The prince will move, revealing a water valve. Tap it to send the bestie flying.

Annoyed Bestie 10: Tap on Jon over and over until he falls over. When he drops the diary, give it to your character.

Annoyed Bestie ? (final question mark level/boss level): Just lose the three levels, then tap the heart version of “Unable to Resurrection”, then tap “watch ad” for an in-game animation to pop up and you win.


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