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Crazy Wheel: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Crazy Wheel is a new iOS game that has been blowing up on social media the way Flappy Bird did in years past. The goal of this game is to score as many points as possible by tapping the bar when it’s pointing to the correct quadrant of the color wheel (the one that matches the color of the bar). It will turn around and change color, and then you have to match again, and then on and on. Read on for some tips and tricks for Crazy Wheel!

If you want to give yourself a little bit more time to think, tap on the bar when it’s at the far end of the quadrant, rather than the near end of the quadrant. By far or near, I mean in relation to the direction that it’s going to be going after you tap it. This is especially helpful just in case the next color over is the color you’re going to end up tapping.

At first the bar speeds up gradually after you tap, with every five taps being the trigger for a speed boost. However, after you score 20-25 points, the bar stops speeding up and stays the same speed in perpetuity. Oddly enough, at times it will feel like it’s actually slowing down, although that is probably a trick of the brain that happens as you get more experienced with the game.

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Practice makes perfect with this game as the more you play, your brain will start to associate the colors with specific directions, making it way too easy to get 100+ points on this game. And since the direction never changes, once you get 100 points you basically have it easy the entire rest of the way.

While there is not much to this game yet, keep checking back for updates. Typically with games like this the developers like to add unlockables of some kind, whether it be unlockables for specific scores, or a currency system which you can use to unlock goodies.

If you want to get rid of the ads you can set the phone into airplane mode and then play the game, and then the ads quit appearing. Not only is it a pain, though, but I don’t recommend doing it because the developer has to make money somehow, and this is from an indie dude. This game and the other games he makes are his living so keep the ads on.