Crime City Advanced Strategies, tips, tricks, hints and cheats

One of the most popular independent Facebook games of late has been Crime City. It’s been out for almost a year now, and it’s still massively popular. The point of the game is to do certain jobs (robbing warehouses, paying people off, shaking people down, etc.), build all kinds of buildings in your “hood” to make money with, and making money off of other players by robbing them. Here are some advanced Crime City tips and tricks…

Rackets are a big addition to Crime City. A racket is a building that you can choose a certain job for, with each job taking a different amount of time to complete, and earning your more or less cash depending on the job. A job can range from five minutes long to two days long. When you’re in your hood, go to your store and buildings, and then rackets, and you’ll find all of your available rackets. Each one will show a range of incomes that can be made, but these are only the shortest and longest jobs – there are many jobs in between for each building.

Like all buildings, though, you can upgrade your racket buildings, and your income on each job will increase by 50 percent of your level 1 total. For example, a 100 dollar job becomes a 150 dollar job on level 2, then a 200 dollar job on level 3.

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The basketball court is the king of the rackets. At four hundred dollars, the court is inexpensive to buy, yet a two-day job will earn you a whopping 1050 dollars for one completion. In other words, buying 3 basketball courts for 1200 dollars can earn you 3150 with two-day jobs. It’s not expensive to upgrade the court, either, and the income rises as noted in the above paragraph, making every job extra lucrative. If you need to clear more room in your hood for more courts, simply delete streets using the eraser tool – you don’t really need as many streets as you start out with in order to do your work.

Build a coffee shop. Coffee shops give you fifty energy points over a span of 8 hours. Not having a coffee shop is like saying that you want to have less energy.

All you need to complete a parking garage now is nine hundred dollars and 3 pieces of steel. It will pay you 1,100 dollars per day, and you can now purchase automobiles, which massively increment your offense and defense, and will help you make massive amounts of cash when you try to rob another player.

Sell buildings that you don’t need anymore in your hood. You can only build a limited amount, relative to how many times you have expanded your hood, so make sure you don’t go over your limit. Laundromats are one of the more useless buildings around, so I recommend selling them, but keep your steel mill and coffee shops, and your parking garage so that you can drive cars around, and use the rest of the buildings to make money. The more money the make, the better weapons, armor and cars that you can buy, so that you can more easily complete jobs or rob other players.

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