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Criminal Case: Pacific Bay – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay is a not a new game, but it’s new to the iOS and Android platforms. This mission-pack sequel for Criminal Case features new homicide cases and new scenes to investigate for clues. You can sort through objects to find clues, rack up high scores and compete against your friends, while trying to figure out whodunit. Read on for some tips and tricks for Criminal Case: Pacific Bay!

If you want to earn the highest scores possible on a level (and maximize your stars from the same level), the best way to do so is to play the same level over and over so that you know where all of the items are each time that you play. The quicker and more accurately you tap the items, the better your time bonus at the end will be, as well as your combo bonus.

Your energy goes quickly, and once it’s gone, you have to wait quite awhile for it to come back unless you want to purchase some. You can set the time ahead on your phone or tablet to refill your energy immediately, though. Or, if you play the game via a browser or Facebook, you can go to the other platform and use all of the energy that you have there instead, even on the same account.

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If you have friends who like to play hidden-object games, invite them to play on Facebook. If they play too, then you and them can send energy back and forth. If none of your friends like to play, make a second games-only Facebook account to link to the game and add people from the Criminal Case FB page comments section, or from the review section of the App Store and Google Play, so that energy can be sent back and forth.

There are a lot of pieces of forensic evidence to find per suspect, as well as a lot of lab work to do, so make sure that you are absolutely positive about who your perp is before you arrest a suspect. Many pieces of evidence will often be shared between suspects – a specific piece of clothing or an accessory, for example.

Go to the map and hit the avatar shop and you will be able to spend your coins on new uniforms, as well as new hair, skin and shades for your cop. Once you earn a silver medal on Shark Attack, you’ll also unlock the elite shop, which allows you to purchase premium goods in exchange for real-life money.