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Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game is a new crime-solving game featuring everyone’s favorite characters from the show. The game’s story is written like episodes of the TV show, with your goal being to complete actions on a crime scene and solve crimes, while trying to earn a maximum score of 4 badges per each level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game!

The game starts off a bit slow, but it becomes clear fairly soon that your goal is to move as quickly as possible through the level, completing each action quickly. You’ll get the hang of the muscle memory as you make your way through the tutorial. Replay levels and complete every action quickly, then replay them again, and keep practicing at this until you earn all of the possible badges.

Whenever you replay a level, you can pick any set of characters that you want, not just the original ones, and you won’t have to look at the story, either. Hit start on an old level and you’ll automatically go to the player select screen. For new levels, you’ll have to use the players who are in the story segment. Different characters have different bonuses, such as Emily’s score bonus or Dr Tara’s tools boost, or David’s bonus experience.

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Each character also has their own set of sub-stats, which are useful for determining how much of a bonus you have a chance at earning for a specific character. Tap on “I” for the info button to see their stats. As they increase their level, their sub-stats increase, so the bonus you get for using them on a level increases.

If you want to see the story again on an old level, tap on the “show story” button which appears blanked out for all of the old levels. It will turn green and allow you to see the story. On new levels, you can’t gray out the story button, but if you want to skip a story, just hit the skip button as soon as the story pops up to move right past it.

Tap on the currency called Garcia Coins, a coin that looks like a revolver chamber, in the lower left corner of the level select screen (with Penelope standing behind it) to go to a decorations menu. Here you can use that currency to purchase various cute decorations for Penelope’s desk. Some are cheap, such as the cactus and the sunflower, while some are extremely expensive.


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