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Cross Horizon Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Cross Horizon is a brand new RPG for Android and iOS. You play as an adventurer of your own creation, and your goal is to find out why the evil Bandit King, who was sealed away long ago, has returned. From there you go on adventures to find items that you need, go back to the town to cash them in, and collect and combine various forms of weapons and armor in order to get as strong as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cross Horizon for the iOS and Android platforms!

Right from the beginning of the game you start off with some mana, which allows you to buy items in the black market. Spend your mana on gold items. If you get armor, you’ll be nearly invincible for a LONG time. If you get weapons, you’ll be able to kill every enemy in the game almost instantly for awhile. If you get both, you’ll be downright invincible.

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When you’re exploring, look at which directions the enemies are moving (look at the map in the upper right corner of the screen to show this). When they are “looking away” from you, sneak up on them and attack, and you’ll get a quick moment where they’re knocked dizzy and won’t be able to attack you. However, don’t let them approach you from behind or you’ll be caught by surprise, losing some of your attack points and thus not being able to execute as many attacks in quick succession.

Entering someone’s invite code, whether they sent it to you or not, will allow you to earn free items that you can equip, and if someone uses your invite code, you earn bonuses as well. Post your code below in the comments, or on the review section of one of the app stores, or grab someone’s invite code from there to add.

When you’re exploring, when you come across an exclamation mark in an angular shape, that means that’s an item that you need to complete a current mission, such as the guild certificate for your second main mission. An exclamation mark in a circle, though, is either a friend you can greet or a treasure you can open. If it’s a friend, then hit “greet” first before you send a friend request, so that you can earn 10 free friend points.