Crossing Void Global: Character Upgrade Guide – Star Up, Skills, Awaken, Affinity, Inherit, and more!

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Crossing Void Global, which is known in Japan as Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, comes absolutely loaded with ways to upgrade all of your characters. Of course, there’s leveling up, which is basic, but you can star-up your characters as well as improve their skills, awaken them, equip them with new equipment, and a whole lot more.

You can increase their affinity, use the mysterious Inherit boost, and even do a number of cosmetic modifications to them, such as using Hue and changing their outfits.

Read on for a full guide on character management and upgrades in Crossing Void Global!

Leveling Up

This is mainly done by winning battles, although each of your characters can also gain experience points when you give them various food items, such as apples and sundaes. These serve as experience point leveling equipment in the game.

You can keep leveling them up until they hit the level limit. The level limit is equal to the current player experience level, or Void experience level, so once you gain a player level, you will be able to add character levels again.

Star Up

To star up one of your characters is to increase their star rarity. To do this, you need to have specific items, such as gemstones named Resolute Will and Bold Determination. Tap on the picture of whatever item you don’t have in order to see what stages to go to in order to earn it.

Once you star up a character, all of their stats will increase. Not only that, but their maximum possible skill experience level will also increase.

Increasing the star rating of your player is one of the most overpowered upgrades that you can do. If you are having trouble with a particular level or challenge, then make sure that your characters are all at their highest possible star rating.

You will be able to level each of their battle skills up another five levels. I.E. for a one-star character, the maximum skill level is 1, but for a two-star character, the maximum skill level is 5.


You can improve your skill by spending some coins, and considering how common coins are in this game, it costs very little to improve each of your skills. Tap on one of the ones that you’ve unlocked, and hit upgrade to increase its level, and therefore, its effect (damage, poison, heal, etc).

You need to star up to at least star level 2 in order to do any sort of upgrades to your skills. Once you hit the level ceiling, do another Star Up to increase the maximum level.

When you get a character to star level 2, Then their skill level maximum will increase to 5. At star level 3, each skill will have a maximum level of 10. The skill level maximum will increase by 5 for every star level added to the character.

Cross Skills

Cross Skills are different than standard skills in that they appear when you pair a specific main character with a specific support character. If you change the pairing to something different, the cross skill will either change or go away, depending on if there is any synergy with the replacement character.

Be sure to keep each of these pairs in mind when you are finding mains and subs to add to your party, and put them together properly so that you can get the full boost and have the cross skill to use in battle.

You can upgrade Cross Skills in the skill section of the upgrade area. The upgrade works exactly the same as the rest of the skill upgrades, where you spend coins, and the maximum level is determined by the star rating of your character.


Talents are a specific set of passive stat boosts that each one if your character has. Your character has five talent points to start for each talent per rarity level. That means five for C-characters, ten for B-characters, fifteen for A-characters, and twenty for S-characters.

Talents cannot be directly upgraded, but they can be swapped out for better talents in the Talent Shuffle. Shuffling talents costs either fragments specific to your character, or fragment origins, which are useful for swapping out the talents of any character.

Shuffling talent allows you to find talents of more than five points apiece to replace the original talents. C-talents can have up to 20 talent points apiece, while A-talents and S-talents can have a massive amount of talent points each.


Awaken allows your hero to either learn new skills, get passive stat boosts (significant ones), or some other sort of boosts, or cosmetics such as new covers and voices. Tap a character to awaken and then tap the Preview button to see what you get for each one of the awakening levels.

You need Exclusive Awaken Items and Common Awaken Items to awaken a character. Exclusive items are only for the use of one character. Common Awaken Items (such as Soul – Origin) are used by multiple characters.


To equip something, you have to have something to equip, so to find something to equip, head to the Treasure Hunt challenge and go fight until you find some equipment for your character.

You have four equipment slots overall. Theirs consists of a slot of weapons, for a shirt/dress/item of clothing for your body, a hat, and then an accessory, such as a poker card. Each one contains both a base stat category and a random stat category.

The base stat category is one that will be set for that specific piece of equipment i.e. attack stat for weapons. The random stat category is literally a completely random stat that is boosted by a specific percentage by the piece of equipment. It can be attack, defense, hit points, critical, or anything else.

So set up your equipment based not only on the base stats, but on what random stats you want to boost for the character.


Inherit comes into play when you get a higher letter-tier version of a card. So if you earn an S Asuna or A Asuna, but you have already boosted a C-Asuna or B-Asuna to high levels or stars or even awakening, those will transfer over to your rarer Asuna, while the more common Asuna gets consumed.


Hue is a purely cosmetic modification to your character that changes what they look like in battle. Mostly, it’s an outfit change, or an outfit and hair change combined. Many of the hues even appear to make a character look like another character in the game.


You can go to the journal to give gifts to your character, which will increase their affinity. Enough gifts and they’ll gain a level. You will be able to unlock new journal entries, voices, and voice tabs from that specific character this way.

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