Crossing Void Global: Guide Part 2 – Advanced Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

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Welcome to part two of the Crossing Void Global walkthrough, featuring more advanced tips and tricks for the game known around the world as Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void. Click here for part one of the Crossing Void Global guide!

Smart Use of the Gachas

Since your characters are paired up by one main and one support, you can use two specific gachas if you’re looking for a higher-ranking main or support. Use the Aincrad gacha if you are looking for a main, and use the Top Player gacha if you are looking for a support.

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Use the normal gacha or a limited gacha for a chance at getting one or the other. Of course, with the perfect ten gacha, you can keep rerolling for any combination that you want.


Once you start unlocking the challenges, go play them as often as possible, as they often provide items that even the story mode doesn’t yet provide. For example, the initial Treasure Hunt allows you to provide equipment for your characters for the first time. Play Treasure Hunt until you are able to fill up all four of your characters’ equipment slots.

Keep increasing your player level to unlock more and more challenges. Many of them will contain exclusive rewards, such as the Void Expedition containing Expedition Coins, which can only be used in one shop. Void Agency is your primary source for Intimacy Gifts. Pandemonium will be your source for materials related to Impression Weapons.

The Shop

The shop is a multi-part feature that is slightly unusual. Here, you can spend Friendship Points on a gift box, which earns you either a brand new character or a whole bunch of coins.

The Expedition section of the shop allows you to spend your Expedition Coins on numerous bonuses, which refresh every 72 hours or so. These include goodies such as tons of coins, getting fragments, or getting gacha tickets.

The Conqueror shop allows you to spend Conqueror points on a gift box. You can get these by going to a Recommended Lineup event, publishing your formation, getting positive votes, and providing feedback to other peoples’ formations.

Level Packs

Level Packs are your single best source of free Maigo, as well as a good source of coins. You have a variety of available free packs when you hit a specific level that’s a multiple of 10 (such as level 10, 20, 30, 40, etc), or when you hit level 65 or 75.

These are the best sources of free Maigo in the entire game. Hit level 20 and you’ll be able to buy 500 Maigo, which is nearly $10 worth, for just 75,000 coins. Each further level pack will contain Maigo, coins, gacha tickets,


Participate in events as often as you can. Some events are permanent, such as Recommended Lineup, while others last for limited amounts of time. You’ll be able to get cheap gacha tickets, exclusive bonuses, and much more when you go to these events.


Make sure to fill up all four equipment slots on all six of your active characters. If you deactivate someone from the party, take away all of their equipment and give it to whoever you put into the party in their place.

Use the research function to upgrade equipment that your characters have equipped. Go to the Pack area, tap a piece of equipment, and hit Research. You can quick-select equipment upgrade materials to level up your equipment.

Make sure to equip the rarest available equipment, even if it is at a lower level. You can always level it up later, or decompose your more common equipment in order to level up your rarer equipment.

Level up extremely fast in the story

Make sure to use an energy multiplier in the story mode when you know you’re going to win with three stars. Use 18 energy when possible, or 24 if you have the subscription, so that you can triple or quadruple your rewards.

If you need to gain quick player levels to unlock new game modes, do energy-multiplied auto-battles over and over again until you use up all of your energy before you sign offline. Then let your energy recharge and come back later.

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