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Crossing Void Global: Guild Guide – Explainer, Features, and Tips

Crossing Void Global, known as Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void in Japan, is an iOS and Android RPG with a ton of features, including many started off locked, but that can be unlocked as you go further into the game. One of these features is the Guild, which allows you to team up with up to 30 players at a time.

The guild isn’t unlocked until level 23, but once you do unlock it, it becomes one of the more useful features of the game, with dungeons, shops, quests, and plenty else to do within.

Read on for a full guide to the guild feature in Crossing Void Global!

You have to unlock the guild first in order to use it; to do that, you have to get your void level (or your player level) up to level 23. Once you do that, the game will notify you that the guild feature is open.

Go to the guild area and the first thing to do will be to either open a new guild or to join a pre-existing guild. You can apply for multiple guilds at a time if you want, in order to play the odds.

The main difference between starting a new guild and joining one that exists already is that when you start one, you will be able to control who is allowed in. Of course, you’ll have more responsibility to your guild members, though, as opposed to just being able to come and go as you please when you join someone else’s guild.


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Guild Dungeons allow you to send in each of your characters once per day, so your best bet is to start using your experience items on characters that you don’t tend to use in battle, and to load them all up with equipment before sending them into the dungeon, in order to maximize the contribution points.

The support dungeon is open on weekends, from Friday at 12:00 UTC to Monday at 12:00 UTC. The challenge dungeon is open after you get clear out five of the support dungeons. You’ll not only increase your total guild contribution, but become eligible for greater and greater rewards as you get more contribution points.

You can also earn Guild Coins at the Dungeon, which can be spent in the Guild Shop that opens once you join a guild.


This allows you to send characters out on missions, which they will complete automatically over an extended period of time, in exchange for Guild Popularity (another guild contribution point) and other rewards such as coins, affinity items, and (most importantly) Player Exp (aka Void Exp).

A new Dispatch mission will always pop up to replace the one you just completed. Always make sure to have someone doing a Popularity mission and someone doing a Void Exp mission, so that you can increase your player level fast and increase your Guild’s popularity.


Captains and Vice Captains can choose what guild skills apply to the guild. Standard members have no say in it, although they can PM the captain or vice captain to ask for or suggest specific skills.

Each of the four skills should have a different type of boost. Two skills that boost the same type of stat will not stack; the one with the bigger boost will be the default and Theo their one will be useless.


Pray allows you to request fragments for a specific character from other members, and to donate spare fragments to other members of your guild. You can pray (request fragments) once per week, and can donate once per week to each guild member.

Receiving more fragments of a character increases your intimacy level with them. The hgiher the intimacy level is, the more fragments of that character that you will be able to get.

Using the Pray function can also increase your Guild EXP level.


This is where some of the great rewards happen. You can go to the shop and spend Guild Coins or Guild Popularity for bonuses or gift boxes. These boxes can include A-Grade and S-Grade Equipment, high tier Star-Up Items, fragments, and Gacha Vouchers.


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