Crossing Void Global: How to get A- and S-Characters and A- and S-Equipment

By | 20191110

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Crossing Void Global, or Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, is a new gacha RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, with plenty of rare equipment and rare characters to find. You can get C-class and B-class equipment and characters commonly, but the rare stuff is the A-Characters and equipment, and the S-characters and equipment.

While both of these classes are very tough to find, it’s certainly possible to get both A-class and S-class characters and equipment without having to spend any real-life money on the game, if you want to.

Read on for tips on how to get A- and S-characters and A— and S-equipment in Crossing Void Global!

The easiest way to get an S-character, of course, is to buy the Perfect Ten gacha, but this costs real-life money, so if you don’t want to make any IAPs, they’re a bit tougher to get. If you do though, be sure to refresh the gacha until you find exactly the characters that you want.

A-characters tend to be much easier to earn; they also pop up out of all three standard Gachas. You’re going to get many of them throughout the game, but often you’ll have an imbalance where you either specifically need A-characters for support or A-characters for main.

So to rectify this, spin out of the specific gachas for main and support characters. The Aincrad/Asuna Gacha is for mains and the Top Player/Kiriko Gacha is for supports.

The free way to guarantee an S-character is to spend Gacha Points in the Exchange area of the gacha. To get gacha points, keep making pulls on the normal, Aincrad, Top Player, and limited gachas as often as possible.

Once you get a high enough number of Gacha Points, go to the Exchange area and take your pick. You can spend 1,800 on a new hue, or 3,600 on a limited S-character. The shop constantly refreshes, but you can always pick from one support S-character or one main S-character here.

An S-character is guaranteed within a certain number of drops on both the Top Player/Kirito and the Aincrad/Asura gachas. A bubble will pop up showing you how many drops it will take to get an S-character out of here, so keep pulling out of these two gachas until you get one.

To get A- and S-equipment, first, look for S-Secret Notes in the Shinto Secret, Urban Legend, and Ghost Story areas. Play these areas over and over until you earn enough S-Secret Notes, then go to the store and pick up a custom equipment box.

To get S-equipment another way, first, join a guild. Fight in the dungeons as often as possible to earn Guild Coins. When you have enough Guild Coins, go to the Guild Store and spend them on an S-equipment box.

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