Crossing Void Global: Impression Weapon Guide – Impression Skills, Material, Exchange Vouchers, and more!

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Crossing Void Global, also known as Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, is a long game with a huge amount of stuff that you can unlock as you make your way through the game. One of the final things that you can unlock is the mysterious Impression option, which allows you to equip Impression Weapons to your characters.

If you have been playing this game for a long time, you’ve likely seen the empty area in the bag that says Weapons. You might have also seen the Pandemonium challenge option, which earns you Impression Weapons related materials, alluding to the tab.

You’ve definitely seen the tab for the Impression Gacha, which is where you will eventually be able to spin for new Impression Weapons.

It takes a long time to actually unlock any of this, though, as you have to be at level 45 in order to unlock or use any of it. Once you hit player level 45, you will unlock Pandemonium, Impression Gacha, and the Impression Weapons themselves.

Impression Weapons will give you either a passive skill or a new active skill. Active Impression Skills give you an entirely new skill category in battle. Using turns charges your Impression Points, and when you have enough, you can use an Impression Skill.

Impression Skills do not end your turn when you use them, unlike other skills in this game. When you use an Impression Skill in battle, you can immediately follow it up with using another type of skill, or by ending your character’s turn.

There are multiple ways to get Impression Weapons. One is through weekly events. Another way to get them is, of course, in the Impression Gacha. The third way to get them is through the Pandemonium challenge.

You’ll also earn various Impression related materials such as crystals, dust, and duplicate weapons. There cannot be more than one of the same Impression Weapon at a time; if you get a duplicate, it will trigger an automatic Spiritual Awakening for the Weapon, which is a bit like a Star Up for a character.

There are multiple ways to upgrade Impression Weapons. You can either enhance them, rank them up with a Spiritual Awakening, or use Bond Memories to increase their spiritual levels.

There are also multiple rarities and qualities to Impression Weapons. They can be C, B, A, or S, much like characters and weapons. Spiritual Level can be up to 5 for A-grade and 6 for S-grade. Enhancement level can be up to 50 for A-grade and 60 for S-grade.

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You can earn IMP Weapon Exchange Vouchers in much the same way that you earn other Gacha Vouchers, through various challenges, missions, and events. Take these and use them to take a spin at the Impression Gacha for more Weapons, upgrade and enhancement materials, and more.

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